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Pet Insurance in North Carolina

Pet insurance is one of the most affordable ways for pet owners in North Carolina to make sure their four-legged friends enjoy good health now and for years to come. As veterinary medicine has advanced, making conditions that formerly would have meant a death sentence for pet into a survivable, temporary illness, bills for such treatments have also increased significantly. Pet insurance policies can help defray costs from unexpected injuries or more serious ailments, as predetermined percentages of costs are covered by the insurer.

For example, if a cat suffers from cancer of the abdominal wall, the average bill is $812.66; with a plan that covers 80% of expenses related to cancer, the pet owner would pay less than $200. While that may not sound like much of a savings, for an extremely expensive surgery to treat liver cancer in a dog (at a price of more than $8500), pet insurance may make the difference between having a healthy pet for many more years and having to choose euthanasia to end its suffering because the cost of treatment is just too high.

Pet insurance plans can vary greatly with respect to monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and customer service, so prospective customers in North Carolina should take the time to compare multiple companies and find a plan that best suits their pets and budgets. It is important to point out that pet insurance companies are not regulated by the same laws that govern plans for health care insurance for people; because of this, some pet owners may find that their furry friends' pre-existing conditions are not covered by a particular plan, or that their breed of dog (e.g. Lhasa Apso, pit bull, or chow chow) can only get limited coverage with a small number of providers.


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