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Pet Insurance in North Dakota

North Dakota cats and dogs are receiving improved veterinary care, as advances in modern medicine have made it possible for many conditions to be treated and even cured that once would have meant a long period of suffering or death. Unfortunately, these treatments and surgeries are not inexpensive. When a popular pet insurance company conducted a study to determine the most frequent surgical procedures performed on pets in the United States, most of them had a cost of more than $500; in fact, the ninth most common canine surgery - to treat cancer of the liver - had an average bill of more than $8,000!

For those who have furry friends in their North Dakota households, they should consider pet insurance as a way to mitigate some of the growing costs of veterinary care. There is a wide range of policies offered, making it possible for virtually every pet lover to find a plan that meets his needs and budget. On the lower end of the scale are basic catastrophic plans that come into use when a significant injury or illness occurs; for those who are willing to pay higher monthly premiums, comprehensive plans often include not only major illness and injury but also regular veterinary care for ear infections, vaccinations, annual check-ups, and even spaying and neutering if necessary.

However, regulations do not require pet insurance policies to cover any pre-existing conditions, and claims made with respect to a particular ailment in one year may be treated as a pre-existing condition when the policy comes up for renewal, or policyholders may be charged an additional premium to continue treatment of the condition in subsequent years.

Regardless of the breed of dog or cat in their lives, pet owners in North Dakota can get extra peace of mind knowing that their four-legged family members will have access to treatment their owners can afford, because they have pet insurance.


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