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Pet Insurance in Oregon

Oregon ranks fourth in the nation when considering overall pet ownership, with nearly 64% of all households having at least one furry friend in the home. These faithful animal companions provide many benefits to their owners: friendship, love, protection, and even greater health, as studies have demonstrated that pet owners tend to be happier, healthier, and better adjusted overall.

Loving pet owners in Oregon often want to give that same love and care to their pets, but find themselves unable to afford expensive surgical procedures that can extend their pets' lives and relieve their suffering. The average Oregonian might have trouble coming up with the $926.89 required to treat a typical cancer of the nasal cavity of his cat, or the $2666.88 needed to repair torn cartilage of her dog. Without the funds to pay for such treatments, many pet owners face the sad option of having to have their four-legged family members put to sleep.

Pet insurance can make it possible for many pet owners to pay for the veterinary care their animals need without having to take out a second mortgage. While policies vary widely, most cover a significant portion of incurred veterinary care for reasonable monthly premiums and annual deductibles. Those costs also depend on the amount of coverage desired, with basic plans covering catastrophic injury and illness available for a lower price than those that also include vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and other more common care. Oregon pet owners should also consider the fact that pre-existing conditions do not have to be covered by pet insurance policies, and thus some policies may not meet the needs of their particular pets. Elderly pets and a handful of specific dog breeds may also be denied coverage entirely.

Whether Oregon pet owners have a gorgeous Siamese or a lovable shelter mutt, they can have greater peace of mind through a wisely selected pet insurance plan.


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