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Pet Insurance in South Dakota

It might surprise you to learn that South Dakota has the third highest percentage of pet ownership in America, with more than 65% of households owning at least one cat or dog. Pet insurance can often be the best way for loving pet owners to care for their gorgeous Persians or adorable mutts without having the stress of wondering if needed treatments will be affordable.

Pet insurance policies are similar to human health care insurance in few ways. Both kinds of insurance generally have annual deductibles, copayments, and monthly premiums that increase with the amount of coverage desired. However, pet insurance differs in a few important ways. Policies covering companion animals are allowed to refuse coverage of pre-existing conditions, elderly pets, and specific breeds of dogs (Rottweilers and pitbulls are the ones most commonly denied or offered only limited coverage). Pet insurance companies are also allowed to establish annual and lifetime payout limits.

Nonetheless, pet insurance can help most South Dakota owners get treatment for their beloved furry friends. Some customers prefer lower premiums for plans that only address more catastrophic injuries and illnesses, while others choose higher premiums to access more comprehensive veterinary care for both severe illnesses and accidents as well as regular preventative medicine (for example vaccinations, spaying and neutering, tests, and annual wellness visits).

As veterinary costs are on the rise - an average cancer treatment for a dog or cat can easily be more than $1,000 - pet insurance can make such care more affordable. These plans are helping South Dakota pet lovers avoid having to incur significant amounts of debt in order to make sure that their furry friends are healthy and happy for years to come.


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