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Best Pet Insurance for July 2019

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Pet Insurance in West Virginia

Were you aware that pet ownership is very common in West Virginia? In fact, the state ranks fifth in terms of dog owners, with 45.8% of households owning at least one canine companion, sixth with respect to cats at 38.1% of West Virginia homes with one feline friend or more, and eighth overall in the United States.

If you have a pet in West Virginia, you should consider pet insurance as a smart way to make sure that your four-legged family member can get the coverage she may need at a price your budget can manage. Pet insurance policies are like health care plans for humans in several ways; both kinds tend to have annual deductibles that need to be met, monthly premiums that vary depending on the breadth of the coverage purchased, and some policies require users to seek treatment from in-network providers in order to receive maximum benefits.

On the other hand, pet insurance is different in a few important ways. For one, pet insurance providers have no obligation to cover pre-existing conditions, so if you are thinking of purchasing a policy, make sure that any such conditions that your pet has will actually be covered by the plan you select. Also, companies can set limits for annual and lifetime payouts, which can also affect your decision.

Sometimes pet owners prefer to pay lower premiums and have insurance for only the most catastrophic veterinary expenses (e.g. removing a malignant skin mass, the cost of which averages $1,500 for dogs and cats alike), while others have no problem with paying higher premiums if it means that the majority of their pets' needs will be paid for by their pet insurance policy. Your best bet is to compare policies offered by multiple companies, and then choose a plan that has the amount of coverage you think your pet needs and that you can afford.

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Pet Insurance In The News

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