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      May 22, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Alabama

Alabama MapThanks to modern medicine, Alabama veterinarians can perform once unheard-of operations and procedures to suffering dogs and cats, significantly increasing both their life expectancy and their owner's happiness. However, these latest procedures can come with an expensive price tag.

Tests, examinations, and procedures can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Even a routine examination with vaccinations and preventative tests can cost from $200 to $400. Unfortunately, that represents the lower end of the price range for veterinary expenses. For seriously ill pets, procedures such as chemotherapy and hip replacement can easily reach $5000 or more.

Pet Insurance allows a caring master to continue to enjoy their pet for years to come without facing the financial burden and difficult decision between helping their loved one, or putting it to sleep as a result of cost. A number of pet insurance companies exist today that can greatly relieve the burden of life-saving procedures and care. However, these companies all vary in services covered, cost, customer service, and claim reimbursement.

Alabama residents should consider a number of factors when shopping for pet insurance, especially since plans can be quite different from the health insurance used by humans. For instance, some insurers will not cover pre-existing conditions, hereditary conditions (such as feline kidney failure or canine hip dysplasia), or preventable conditions (e.g. periodontal disease). It's important to know that if coverage is used to treat a particular ailment in one year, that disorder may then be excluded in the following year or an additional fee may be charged because it has thus become a preexisting condition. While many plans cover more catastrophic situations of accident and illness, some offer "wellness coverage" for yearly checkups, vaccinations, and even spaying and neutering.

From purebred Golden Retrievers to adorable kittens adopted from a rescue organization, Alabama pets and their owners can benefit from the coverage offered by pet insurance.


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