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      July 20, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Alaska

Alaska MapIf you are one of the many Alaskans with pets, you are probably well aware of the joy that pet ownership can bring. You may not be aware of the expense that can come as our furry friends experience illnesses and accidents. For example, the most commonly treated condition in dogs - benign skin mass - has an average treatment cost of nearly one thousand dollars! If you have a cat, you're not off the hook; tooth extraction is the treatment performed most often with cats, and it also has an average bill of just over $900. Unfortunately, some conditions come with an even higher bill; liver cancer in dogs often reaches nearly $9,000 for a course of treatment.

Fortunately, Alaska residents can choose to purchase pet insurance that can greatly reduce the out-of-pocket expenses when their pets have an accident or get sick. You should be aware that all of the plans available can vary widely when it comes to deductibles, covered benefits and exclusions, copayments, and maximum coverage amounts, so it is important to compare plans to find what will best meet your needs.

It is also important to know that pet insurance does not follow the same rules and regulations as health insurance for people. For example, some dog breeds are excluded from coverage; if you own a chow, Lhasa apso, Rottweiler, or pit bull, you may have fewer companies from which to choose, and the available plans may only offer restricted coverage. Also, a number of plans will not cover preventable, hereditary, or congenital conditions, and even pre-existing conditions are often excluded as well.

However, despite the handful of restrictions in coverage, pet insurance can be a valuable tool for Alaska pet owners who want to make sure that their four-legged family members live long and healthy lives without breaking the bank.


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