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      January 18, 2019

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Pet Insurance in Arizona

Arizona MapArizona pet owners are often stunned to learn how much it can cost to take care of their four-legged family members' unexpected medical needs: for dogs, the most common surgery (benign skin mass) averages $999.04, and the average cost for cats (tooth extraction) is $923.65. Sadly, many find themselves having to put a beloved pet to sleep instead of paying for medical treatment, which is understandable when some conditions cost more than $8,000 to treat.

However, many Arizonans are taking advantage of pet insurance policies that can help defray significant portions of owners' veterinary expenses. There are a large number of companies offering pet insurance in the state, so it is important for customers to shop wisely to choose a plan that best meets their needs. Plans can vary widely with respect to deductibles, annual out-of-pocket costs, and copayments.

It is also worth mentioning that pet insurance plans are different from those used to cover people. For example, elderly pets may not be able to be covered, and certain breeds (e.g. Rottweilers, pit bulls, and chow chows) are excluded or only eligible for limited coverage. Pre-existing and hereditary conditions may also not be covered, and if a pet receives treatment for a particular disorder, that condition may be treated as a pre-existing condition when it comes time to renew the plan the following year.

Nonetheless, pet insurance can offer Arizona pet owners significant savings, particularly when faced with treating cancer, hip dysplasia, or other costly conditions. Even routine yearly checkups, spaying and neutering, and vaccinations can be covered by certain plans, though it may be necessary to purchase that kind of coverage as an add-on to a catastrophic illness and injury policy. There are pet insurance policies that can meet the needs of just about every Arizona companion animal and their owners.


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