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      February 19, 2019

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Pet Insurance in California

California MapMore than 50% of California households own at least one pet. Because of advances in medicine, veterinarians can provide life-saving treatment to sick or injured cats and dogs, significantly improving both their life expectancy and their owner's peace of mind. Unfortunately, these modern procedures can come with a hefty price tag.

A routine examination with preventative tests and vaccinations can cost from $200 to $400. However, that is the lower end of the price range for veterinary bills; for gravely ill pets, chemotherapy, hip replacement, and other treatments can easily reach totals of $5000 or more.

Pet Insurance allows loving pet owners to enjoy their pets' company for many years without having to consider putting it to sleep rather than paying for expensive procedures. Many pet insurance companies exist today that can defray the costs of life-saving procedures and other care. But, these companies vary in terms of services covered, premiums, customer service, and timeframes for claim reimbursement.

Californians should consider several factors when comparing pet insurance plans, particularly because plans can be quite different from the health insurance used by humans. For instance, some insurers do not cover hereditary conditions (e.g. feline kidney failure or canine hip dysplasia), pre-existing conditions, or preventable conditions (such as periodontal disease). Also, if coverage is used to treat a particular ailment in one year, that disorder may then be excluded in the following year or an additional fee may be charged because it is then viewed as a pre-existing condition. While typical plans cover predominantly catastrophic situations involving accidents or illnesses, some do offer add-on "wellness coverage" for yearly checkups, spaying/neutering, and routine vaccinations.

From "designer" dogs to adorable kittens adopted from a rescue organization, California pets and their owners can benefit from the coverage offered by pet insurance and worry less about what may happen in the future.


Students learn empathy through guide dog visit

Every cat receives one-month free pet insurance. or Dog Adoption Fairs: 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Saturdays, Petsmart, 2641 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro ...

Published:  Sat, 16 Feb 2019 21:00:00 GMT

Pet poisoning from marijuana on the rise, veterinarians say

of the nearly one-million dollars in plant-poisoning pet insurance claims, many were attributed to pot exposure. In some clinics in states like Washington, Oregon and California veterinarians ...

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The Ontario SPCA launches new SPCA & Humane Society Pet Insurance Offered by Petplan® to help protect animals

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California adopts new pet insurance guidelines

Considering buying pet insurance The state of California may have just made things better for you. Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 2056 today, which adds essential consumer protections when it comes to bu...

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ASCO GU 2019: A Comparison of Fluorocholine-PET/CT and Conventional Imaging in Prostate Cancer

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Should You Have Pet Insurance

For this reason, pet insurance is becoming more common among owners who are looking for ways to proactively manage the health care costs of their pets. Many companies offer pet insurance, but of cours...

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