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      July 16, 2019

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Pet Insurance in Colorado

Colorado MapCancer: spleen, eyelid, liver, abdominal wall, mouth, nasal cavity. These conditions are among the top ten affecting cats and dogs in an average year. The typical cost? Anywhere from $700-$8500. It is no wonder that some pet owners are faced with the excruciating choice between going into debt to take care of their furry family member and putting it to sleep. What can Colorado residents do to avoid having to make this terrible decision?

Pet insurance is available to help defray the costs of small- and large-ticket veterinary costs. These plans can vary widely in terms of premiums, coverage, and deductibles. For example, a comprehensive pet insurance plan might cover illnesses, hereditary conditions, and accidents, while a more limited plan would exclude any pre-existing conditions and routine wellness care and cover only the most catastrophic events.

Dog owners should also be aware that certain breeds - Rottweilers, pit bulls, and chow chows, to name a few - may be more difficult to cover and that any prospective plans should be reviewed to make sure they include the particular breed of dog owned. Another consideration is whether costs are reimbursed as incurred or on a "reasonable and customary" basis; the latter could wind up being significantly less than what is actually charged by the veterinarian. Pet insurance that uses percentage-based payouts can help to avoid expensive surprises in that regard.

From mixed-breed cats adopted out of rescue to purebred Labrador Retrievers purchased through a breeder, all pets in Colorado can receive better care for a lifetime through the use of pet insurance.


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