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      July 21, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Hawaii

Hawaii MapFor pet owners in Hawaii, some of the most expensive procedures needed by cats and dogs are preventable. For cats, tooth extraction is the most common surgical procedure and an average bill is nearly $1,000; this condition is easily prevented with routine dental care at the veterinarian's office and at home. (Tooth extraction is the third most common condition in dogs and naturally can be avoided by the same good hygiene practices and early detection as those that benefit cats.) Both dogs and cats are prone to ingesting foreign objects such as string and even pieces of pet toys, and surgery to remove gastrointestinal blockage can easily reach $2,000 or more.

However, some conditions affect Hawaii pets seemingly out of the blue - cancer, skin masses, and bladder stones, to name a few - and also have a hefty cost. For a dog with cancer of the liver, for instance, the course of treatment may cost as much as $8,000.

In either case, pet insurance is an affordable way to make sure that Fido and Fifi can get the help they need to be happy and healthy, without costing an arm and a leg. While few policies, if any, cover 100% of veterinary bills, pet insurance can offer significant savings for both emergency treatment and long-term care. Hawaiian residents can compare a number of policies to find the pet insurance plan that best meets their needs, as they vary widely with respect to deductibles, premiums, and coverage limits. It is also important to understand that such policies are not under the same regulations as medical insurance for humans, so some conditions (e.g. pre-existing, hereditary diseases) may be excluded, along with elderly pets or certain breeds (such as Lhasa Apsos, chow chows, and pit bulls).

Pet insurance can help Hawaiians take better care of their beloved four-legged family members without the stress of worrying about the impact on their bank accounts.


Diversity & Society: Animal Welfare

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