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      November 18, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Iowa

Iowa MapDue to advances in veterinary medicine, Iowa veterinarians can perform previously impossible operations on sick dogs and cats, increasing their life expectancy and their owners' happiness. Unfortunately, these modern procedures often come with a staggeringly high price tag.

A routine checkup with vaccinations and preventative tests can range from $200 to $400; for seriously ill pets, treatments for cancer or hip dysplasia can reach $5000 or more.

Pet Insurance allows pet owners to care for their beloved animal companions without having to choose between helping their loved one, or putting it to sleep because they can't afford the cost. Many pet insurance companies offer coverage that can help lift the burden of life-saving procedures and care. Such coverage varies in terms services covered, monthly premiums, and claim reimbursement.

Iowans should consider several factors when shopping for pet insurance, primarily because such plans can be noticeably different from medical insurance used to cover people. For example, some pet insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, hereditary conditions (e.g. canine hip dysplasia or feline kidney failure), or preventable conditions like periodontal disease. Additionally, a few policies specify that if coverage is used to treat an ailment in one year, that disorder might be excluded in the following year as it has thus become a pre-existing condition.

While many plans cover more catastrophic situations of accident and illness, some offer "wellness coverage" for yearly checkups, vaccinations, and even spaying and neutering. Iowa residents should compare carefully to choose the plan that meets their pets' needs at the price they can comfortably afford, both in terms of the monthly premiums as well as the copays and other costs at the time of service.

From purebred poodles to cute cats adopted from an animal shelter, Iowa pets and their owners can benefit from the coverage offered by pet insurance.


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Published:  Mon, 12 Nov 2018 08:10:00 GMT

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