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      June 16, 2019

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Pet Insurance in Kentucky

Kentucky MapIf you live in Kentucky, you are likely to own either a cat or a dog, as the state ranks seventh and third, respectively, in the United States in terms of households that own pets. A faithful animal companion can offer friendship, protection, and happy memories for many years. And, fortunately, advances in modern veterinary medicine have made it possible to keep your Rovers and Sylvesters healthy for many years. However, you may not be aware of how expensive it can be to get the treatment your pets need.

Did you know, for example, that among the top 10 canine conditions, the least expensive (auricular hematoma, or fluid-filled, swollen ear) costs nearly $300 on average? The most expensive and common treatment for dogs, for those with cancer of the liver, comes with a hefty $8,500 bill. Cats are not immune to high-cost medical treatment; removing a malignant skin mass, the sixth most common procedure, has an average price of $1,500.

You never want to find yourself having to choose between going into significant debt to help your furry friend and having him or her put to sleep because you can't afford the veterinarian's bill. Pet insurance can help.

There are several companies in Kentucky that offer pet insurance at a variety of levels, from basic catastrophic injury and accident coverage to comprehensive plans that include vaccinations, routine preventative care, and even neutering and spaying. No matter what kind of coverage best meets your needs, you can find it at a price you can afford. When shopping for pet insurance, you will want to compare a number of policies, as they can vary widely in terms of deductibles and copays, annual and lifetime coverage limits, and even in the way claims are paid (i.e. as a percentage of the total bill vs. only what they consider to be "reasonable and customary").


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