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      July 21, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Maryland

Maryland MapPet insurance is becoming more popular in Maryland as more than half of all households in the state own at least one cat or dog. Rising costs of veterinary care are also contributing to the increase in pet owners choosing to get pet insurance coverage. While it is certainly a wonderful thing for pets to be able to receive treatment for conditions that previously may have shortened their lives, those advances in modern veterinary medicine have come with equally expanding price tags. For instance, the most commonly treated condition in cats (tooth extraction) cost nearly $925 in the more than 1,600 claims filed with one pet insurance company in an average year; cancer of the liver is the ninth most treated condition for dogs and has an average veterinary bill of more than $8,500.

Sadly, some pet owners in Maryland have found themselves having to choose between going into debt to care for a beloved animal companion and having that furry friend put to sleep, because they do not have the financial resources available to pay for the surgery or treatment. Pet insurance can help defray a significant portion of needed veterinary procedures.

Policies do vary widely, so Maryland customers should compare multiple plans across several companies to find one that will best meet their needs. Just as in health care policies used by people, pet insurance policies usually have annual deductibles, monthly premiums that depend on the level of coverage, and copayments; some plans may limit policyholders to specific veterinarians and hospitals as well. On the other hand, pet insurance policies can refuse coverage for any pre-existing conditions and determine annual and lifetime payout limits for covered pets. Maryland customers will want to examine any potential policies closely to make sure that their particular pets will be covered by the plan they select.


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