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      April 25, 2019

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Pet Insurance in Massachusetts

Massachusetts MapEven though Massachusetts has the lowest percentage of pet ownership in the United States, just over half of all households in the state do own at least one cat or dog. Pets can give their owners companionship, protection, and exercise; studies have even shown that pet owners are often healthier, happier, and better adjusted overall. Modern veterinary medicine has allowed pet owners to help their animal companions to be healthier as well, with procedures and treatments currently available that would have been just a dream years ago. Unfortunately, these advances have come at a cost, with some life-saving procedures resulting in veterinary bills in excess of $10,000.

Some Massachusetts pet owners have had to humanely euthanize their four-legged family members, because they couldn't afford the expensive treatments for cancer, broken bones, or swallowed foreign objects that would have saved their lives. No one wants to have to choose between a second mortgage to save Rover's life and having to tell the kids that their beloved friend had to be put to sleep because they didn't have the money to save him.

Fortunately, pet insurance can help make those kinds of decisions unnecessary, helping owners keep their pets well without the stress of a huge impact on the family's finances. There are several companies that offer plans to Massachusetts residents; just like health care for humans, pet insurance policies usually have monthly premiums that vary according to the level of services covered, annual deductibles that must be met, and certain exclusions for coverage. Some of those exclusions may include elderly pets, those with specific hereditary conditions, or even a handful of particular breeds of dog (pit bulls, Rottweilers, and chow chows are a few examples).


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