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      November 15, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Minnesota

Minnesota MapIf you are considering pet insurance in Minnesota, there are several key factors to consider as you shop around. First, you will want to decide if you are seeking basic, catastrophic coverage or a comprehensive plan. Naturally, the premiums associated with a particular pet insurance policy will depend greatly on the amount of coverage, so you should figure out if you would prefer to pay less in monthly premiums or less in overall costs in the event of a claim.

Another factor to consider is whether or not a plan requires you to use a specific veterinarian or clinic; just like health care plans for humans, pet insurance policies may pay less (or nothing at all) if owners are required to use a particular provider to access benefits. Finally, and also similar to people's health care policies, most pet insurance plans will have annual deductibles and copayments, so you will want to determine which policies make the most sense for your best estimate of the care your pet may need.

On the other hand, pet insurance plans in Minnesota have some restrictions that are different from what you would expect in a human policy. For example, if your pet has a pre-existing condition, certain plans may not cover any treatments related to that condition. Elderly pets may be excluded from coverage altogether, and a few specific breeds of dog are often offered only limited coverage. These breeds may include Rottweilers, Lhasa Apsos, and AmStaffs (more commonly known as pit bulls).

Regardless of the kind of coverage you choose, having pet insurance can make a significant difference in your ability to afford the care your pet needs. With even basic procedures like tooth extraction resulting in veterinary bills of nearly $1000, and more complicated treatment for conditions such as cancer reaching amounts of more than $8000, pet insurance may be your best way to protect your pet and your wallet.


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