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      November 19, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Missouri

Missouri MapMissouri ranks fourth in the nation in terms of dog ownership: nearly 46% of all households in the state own at least one dog. For both dog and cat owners, the joys of having a pet are obvious: companionship, protection, and even better health, as research has shown that pet owners are happier and experience increased well-being in comparison with non-pet owners.

Pet ownership also carries its fair share of expenses. Of course, caring for a pet will always require buying food and other necessary supplies. However, veterinary care is often an unknown variable; owners expect to pay for routine care such as vaccinations and spaying or neutering, but no one can predict if and when a cat will get cancer, or a dog will be hit by a car. Sadly, some pet owners find themselves facing extremely high veterinarian bills due to such unforeseen circumstances and have to choose humane euthanasia because they can't afford the treatment their four-legged friends need.

Pet insurance is gaining popularity in Missouri as a way of making sure that no pet has to be put to sleep due to a lack of money. These plans usually reimburse policyholders for a predetermined percentage of covered veterinary costs, and the premiums for such plans depend on the level of coverage selected. Some pet owners opt for catastrophic coverage that will help in the event of a major illness or accident, choosing to pay for routine care out of their own pockets; others prefer to pay higher monthly premiums for policies that include vaccinations, annual check-ups, and even spaying or neutering.

Both levels of coverage can differ significantly from plans offered for humans; pet insurance is allowed to exclude pre-existing conditions, certain dog breeds, and even elderly pets, so prospective customers should make sure that any plan they consider will meet the needs of their particular pets.


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