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      July 15, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Montana

Montana MapPets in Montana are benefitting greatly from advances in veterinary medicine that allow conditions and injuries to be treated in ways that extend their lives, whereas in the past they might have had to be euthanized. Unsurprisingly, these modern developments come with an expensive price tag. For instance, cancer in both dogs and cats is highly treatable and is one of the most common conditions requiring surgical procedures; cancer of the abdominal wall in a cat can cost $800 or more, while liver cancer in a dog can result in a bill of ten times that amount!

Pet insurance can help Montana pet owners get the care for their favorite Rover or Fluffy without having to get a second mortgage to pay for it. Policies vary, from comprehensive coverage that includes routine wellness visits and vaccinations, to bare-bones policies that only cover the most catastrophic of illnesses and injuries. Most plans have features similar to human health care policies: monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and in-network vs. out-of-network benefit levels.

However, pet insurance differs from human insurance in several significant ways. Pet policies are not required to cover pre-existing conditions, so customers should make sure that their pets will be adequately protected by any policy they are considering. Also, some policies will look at any ailments treated in a given year as a pre-existing condition when the policy comes due for renewal in the next year, or they may charge an additional fee to continue treating that condition. Finally, some dog breeds may be excluded from coverage.


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