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      June 16, 2019

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Pet Insurance in Nevada

Nevada MapPet owners have been shown to be healthier, happier, and better adjusted than those who do not have a furry friend in their lives. Pets are living even longer with many advances in veterinary medicine, with a wide variety of procedures and treatments that can resolve health issues that would previously have resulted in having pets euthanized.

Pet insurance can help Nevada owners access such life-extending veterinary care for their beloved animal companions, without having to go into debt to afford it. Prices for even the most basic pet surgery can be jaw-dropping: a tooth extraction for a dog or cat can cost $800-$900, abdominal surgery to remove a foreign object can be in the range of $1000-$4000, and some of the more invasive cancers can come with a treatment bill of more than $8000. While few pet insurance policies will offer 100% coverage of veterinary expenses, the amount covered can often mean the difference between being able to afford a procedure and having to make a much more difficult choice.

In Nevada, several companies offer a wide range of pet insurance policies. Pet owners should carefully compare multiple plans to find one whose premiums are within their price range, that have deductibles and copayments that are also affordable, and with the amount of coverage they prefer; some customers are looking for a basic catastrophic plan used only in case of severe illness or injury, while others prefer to pay higher premiums for more comprehensive coverage of both serious situations and routine care (e.g. vaccinations, spaying and neutering, or annual check-ups and tests).

Nevada residents with four-legged family members who need pet insurance should be aware that some pre-existing conditions may be excluded, and that elderly pets or certain breeds of dogs may be excluded completely from obtaining coverage.


Las Vegas' Urban Underdogs helps pet owners enduring hardships

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Published:  Wed, 12 Jun 2019 16:50:00 GMT

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A friend suggested DogVacay, a service that linked up pet owners with ... every company listed for Nevada on rideshare-information site The Rideshare Guy's state insurance guide (go to ...

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Carson City jail inmate admits to stashing pills in mitt while doing janitorial work

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Hello Capital City and say hello to Sir Mixalot, the Carson City Humane Society's Pet of the Week ... by visiting the Carson City branch of the Nevada Humane Society located at 549 Airport ...

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