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      November 17, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Oklahoma

Oklahoma MapOklahoma ranks 10th in the United States when looking at dog ownership, with more than 43% of all households in the state having at least one dog. For dogs and cats alike, veterinary costs are on the rise as modern medicine makes it more possible for once life-threatening conditions to be treated and healed. While most pet lovers would do anything to keep their furry friends happy and healthy, sometimes they are faced with the difficult decision to decline life-saving surgery or other procedures because they can't afford the cost. For example, to operate on a dog with liver cancer can cost more than $8,000; while surgical procedures for cats tend to be less expensive, treating a malignant skin mass results in an average veterinary bill of more than $1,500.

Fortunately, many companies offer pet insurance for Oklahoma animal companions, which can significantly decrease the out-of-pocket costs for their owners and make it possible for them to afford veterinary care that can prolong and improve the lives of their pets. These policies can be very different in a number of ways; shoppers for pet insurance should consider premium and deductible costs, copayment amounts, and the overall level of coverage desired. Of course, the greater the services covered, the higher the price will be, so it makes sense to find a plan that best meets one's needs at a cost that is still affordable both now and at the time of service.

Oklahoma residents should be aware, though, that pre-existing conditions do not have to be covered by pet insurance plans; elderly pets and certain breeds of dogs may be refused coverage altogether.

Also, pet owners should determine whether a plan pays a predetermined percentage of costs incurred or only what the company decides is "usual, reasonable, and customary", a distinction that can have a large impact on how much of any particular claim is reimbursed to the customer.


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