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      May 20, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania MapFrom beautiful Persian cats to adorable mixed-breed mutts adopted from a rescue organization, pets in Pennsylvania can benefit from coverage offered by pet insurance. These plans can help pet owners focus on their beloved animal companions in the event of an illness or injury, rather than having to worry about the cost of their care.

This worry is no exaggeration. Some pet owners, when faced with an $8,000 estimate for liver cancer surgery or even a $900 tooth extraction, realize that they may have to choose between paying the mortgage or getting treatment for their furry family member. In an era when the most basic needs of a family are difficult to meet, it is no wonder that some pets are humanely euthanized when their owners cannot pay for an expensive veterinary procedure.

Fortunately, pet insurance can make it possible for Pennsylvania pet lovers to meet their own needs while still getting Fluffy or Fido the care that is needed to live a long, healthy life. Policies can differ greatly in terms of coverage offered, from basic plans that address only the most drastic conditions of illness and injury, from broad-spectrum policies that cover almost every eventuality. Of course, the cost of such plans depends on the amount of coverage, so prospective customers should compare multiple policies with respect to annual deductibles, monthly premiums, copayments, and customer service. They should also be aware that some plans do not pay for a specified percentage of covered expenses but rather what the company determines to be the "usual and customary" fees for such procedures, which is often significantly less than what is actually charged by the veterinarian.

Finally, pet insurance providers are not required to offer coverage for any pre-existing conditions a dog or cat may have, so pet owners should be sure to read the details of each policy to make sure that it will indeed be appropriate for their particular circumstances.


Pet medicine: What's out there

You may want to consider pet insurance. ABC27 sat down with Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman to see which companies earned state approval, and what you should look for when choosing a pet insurance company.

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Which finds big variations in pet insurance cost

Pet insurance costs can vary by hundreds of pounds depending on the breed of the animal, Which has found. A survey of over 1,300 Which members found the average price for an annual lifetime policy has reached £472 for a dog and £285 for a cat.

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