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      July 21, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Tennessee

Tennessee MapIn Tennessee, more than 44% of households own at least one dog, ranking the state eighth highest in the nation. And, whether they own dogs or cats, pet owners in Tennessee know that having furry friends as part of the family can bring joy, companionship, and even protection to the home.

What many pet lovers do not realize is that while the ability to extend pets' health and well-being has increased with advances in veterinary medicine, the costs of such life-saving procedures have also skyrocketed. For example, one of the ten most common surgeries for cats is the removal of cancer from the abdominal wall; this comes with an average veterinary bill of $812.66. Dogs are no different and their procedures are often even more costly; the surgery required to treat cancer of the spleen is typically in the neighborhood of $1874.85 and is the sixth most common surgery for dogs in an average year.

Fortunately, many companies offer Tennessee pet owners the ability to get pet insurance to cover a significant portion of veterinary care. With monthly premiums and annual deductibles similar to health care plans for humans, pet insurance generally covers a predetermined percentage of any covered expenses. (It is important to note that some policies only cover what is determined to be the "usual and customary" fees for a particular procedure, often much less than what is actually charged by the veterinarian.) However, as some conditions are excluded as pre-existing, customers shopping for pet insurance should make sure than any plans under consideration will meet the specific needs of their pets before signing on the dotted line.


The Danger of Members-Only Unionism

Tennessee unions' recent experiences show that ... and I see PET as a threat to that," he says. "PET came along and said, "˜Hey, we can offer you insurance and services at a better price without the ag...

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Dozens of Tennessee pain clinics to close this month

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including pet insurance. Last year, Hirschhorn, the chief executive, talked about the potential of getting into veterinary care, selling treats and developing pet-focused electronics. Such offerings c...

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(AP) - A southern Illinois woman says she plans to rebuild her pet-grooming business and animal-rescue operation ... because her business was within the barn that burned, homeowner's insurance won't h...

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