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      July 21, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Utah

Utah MapWhile pets may not be popular in some Utah households, more than half of all surveyed indicated having at least one cat or dog as a member of the family. Whether that is a loyal Golden Retriever or a particular Persian, pets in Utah can benefit from having coverage available from a number of pet insurance providers.

Pet insurance policies have much in common with health care plans used by humans; both tend to have annual deductibles, monthly premiums, and copayments, and sometimes they require use of in-network providers in order to receive maximum benefits. However, Utahns should be aware that pet insurance is different in important ways; pet policies do not have to cover any pre-existing conditions, and they can impose limits on annual and lifetime payouts, so prospective customers should review plan details very carefully before making the commitment, to make sure that any desired policies truly meet their needs.

No matter what plan pet lovers select, it will likely offer significant help in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury. For example, removing painful bladder stones can cost between $985 and $1,230 on average, while cancer treatments can reach amounts as astronomically high as $8,500. Having a large percentage of such surgeries covered by pet insurance can mean the difference between Fido or Fluffy living a long, healthy life, or possibly being put to sleep because his or her owner couldn't afford to pay for the treatment without going into extreme debt.

Not all plans cover routine wellness care - vaccinations, annual tests and check-ups, and spaying/neutering - so Utah pet owners will need to decide if they would rather pay for such expenses out-of-pocket or pay higher premiums for a more comprehensive pet insurance policy.


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