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      July 16, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Virginia

Virginia MapPet insurance is available in the state of Virginia, and it can greatly help those with four-legged family members to meet their pets' needs without breaking the bank. While pet owners are grateful for advances in veterinary medicine that allow their furry friends to live longer, healthier lives, it can often be difficult to find the financial resources to cover basic family needs in this economy while also getting pets the treatments they may need.

For example, cancer is one of the most common conditions treated surgically, where in the past many pets would have to be euthanized to alleviate their suffering. Cancer surgery usually comes at a high price: when a dog needs surgical treatment for cancer of the spleen, the average bill is $1,874.85, and a cat's operation for cancer of the nasal cavity is typically in the neighborhood of $926.89.

Fortunately, many Virginians have taken advantage of the protection offered by pet insurance, which pays for a significant percentage of any covered veterinary expenses. Available policies have a wide range of monthly premium and annual deductible amounts, which are generally determined by the breadth of the coverage in the plan. Some pet owners opt for higher monthly premiums so that they have more peace of mind knowing that most possible outcomes are included, while others prefer to pay for more routine costs out-of-pocket and reserve pet insurance for only the most catastrophic illnesses and injuries.

It is worth noting that pet insurance providers are not governed by the same standards as health care insurance for people, and thus many pre-existing conditions are not covered by some insurance policies. Similarly elderly pets and certain breeds of dogs (such as chow chows and Rottweilers) may be excluded from coverage altogether.

However, for the majority of pet lovers in Virginia, pet insurance can offer greater peace of mind knowing that Fifi and Fido will likely be able to live long, healthy lives with any treatments they may need to do so.


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