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      May 21, 2018

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Pet Insurance in Wisconsin

Wisconsin MapPet insurance is becoming more common in Wisconsin, as pet ownership has reached more than 50% of all households in the state. Whether a woman has a faithful German Shepherd for companionship and protection, or a family has a patient Persian for its beauty and popularity, all pets in Wisconsin can benefit from the coverage offered by pet insurance policies.

Costs for typical procedures are on the rise; while veterinary medicine has made it possible to prolong pets' lives, those advances are not free. One popular pet insurance company conducted a survey to determine the most common surgical procedures in a year, and the results were startling. The surgery claimed most often in dogs was the removal of benign skin masses, with more than 22,000 policyholder claims in a typical 12-month period, and at an average cost of nearly $1,000. Within that same study, tooth extraction was found to be the procedure conducted most frequently for cats; it too had a cost generally in the neighborhood of $925.

While those amounts might not seem particularly surprising, consider that the ninth most common treatment for dogs - surgery to address cancer of the liver - had an average price tag of almost $8,600. Faced with that estimate from a veterinarian, is it any wonder that some pet owners make the heartbreaking choice to have their beloved companions put to sleep, rather than have to take out a loan to pay for the procedure?

Fortunately, pet insurance policies can pay for a large percentage of veterinary expenses and alleviate the burden of that decision from pet owners. A number of policies are available in Wisconsin, so pet lovers can choose among plans that meet their animals' needs while still fitting into their budgets. Of course, monthly premiums and annual deductibles vary according to the amount of coverage desired.


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