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      October 18, 2018

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Photo Books: Having Fun With Your Digital Pictures

Today's digital cameras allow us to have more fun, do more experimenting, and cavalierly click away, taking candid shots that can become the icons of our lives. If you don't like the shot, delete it and take another. Cost per image is no longer an issue.

Once we load the contents of the memory card onto our computer, software programs, such as PhotoShop, give us the opportunity to take the images we want to keep and make them even better. It is possible to shrink or enlarge the photo, crop it, rotate it, change the color intensity, lift it out of context and plunk it down somewhere else. Doing this is great fun, in and of itself. The only drawback is not many people get to enjoy your effort since, for the most part, the improved images are on your own electronic gadgets.

Enter the photo book. Now the fun of creating a tangible, customized memento of your life event is available to anyone who can click and drag.

The photo book creation software programs usually do not have the options to manipulate digital photographs, after that solvable drawback however, about the only thing limiting your creative efforts is your imagination.

For those with minimal computer skills, or time to work on a photo book project, you can still have lots of fun using the photo book creation software's templates. The templates, with their preset placement and preset sized photograph holes, guide you through the customizing processes with ease and speed.

Real fun, for those with a yen to make a truly personalized photographic record, can be had by using all the options available in the photo book software.

A rule of thumb is, when it comes to photo books, less is more. Take your time choosing just the right image. Pick one that captures the fun, beauty and soul of the moment you want to share. Make that one great photo the focal point of a page. If you feel the need to augment the central photo, choose small images that expand on the theme of the page.

When it comes to the story you want to tell in your photo book, choose only pictures which support the overall theme. No matter how great a particular photo may be, if it doesn't fit the story line, don't shoehorn in it. In this one instance, making brutal choices can be a fun activity. Work hard on arranging the sequence of your pages. Advance your story, logically; from beginning to end or from a large overview to a specific viewpoint or vice versa.

The photo book creation software has a myriad of options for including text in your book. Spend the time choosing a font that is pleasant to your eye and easy to read, and then stick with it throughout your photo book. Write your descriptions, captions and commentary and live with what you've composed for a few days before committing them to permanence on the pages.

Editing what you have included in your photo book is essential for a good product. Get a second opinion from someone who shared in the original fun or from someone to whom the story is news. It's a fun thing to do and worth the effort.

This airline can book you a flight using an Instagram photo

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The Photo Book as Art Object

Dayanita Singh, an Indian photographer who has for years experimented with new book formats for displaying her work, has created a new form of presentation which will be featured at Callicoon Fine Art...

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Presto Photo partnership supports legacy Mac Photo Book customers

Customized Photo Book Printing Company matches printing specifications for legacy Apple products RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 9 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Presto Photo, a custom printing company specializing in ...

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Best Photo Book Deals: Up to 70 Percent Off Snapfish, Mixbook

The perfect gift for any occasion, a digital photo book can be customized for kids, grandparents, and everyone in between. Today's photo books are sleeker than ever with flexible tools and software th...

Published:  Wed, 10 Oct 2018 14:11:00 GMT

Remembering Apple's discontinued Print Products with one final photo book

In July, Apple announced that its first-party print products would be discontinued at the end of September. The news took me by surprise. While features like iCloud shared albums and Photos app ...

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Photo Book Software for Mac by FlipBuilder is Available for Non-Tech Savvy Users

Provided by FlipBuilder, Flip PDF for Mac is photo book software for Mac that enables non-tech savvy users to generate visually appealing photo books for individual or business purposes. Creating a ph...

Published:  Thu, 11 Oct 2018 03:58:00 GMT

Azerbaijan represented at Frankfurt International Book Fair [PHOTO]

Azerbaijan is represented at the Frankfurt International Book Fair, which takes place on October 10-14. The delegation of Azerbaijan, headed by First Deputy Minister of Culture Vagif Aliyev ...

Published:  Fri, 12 Oct 2018 07:21:00 GMT

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