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Do Photo Books Make Good Gifts?

Absolutely! Let's face it, most of us would be delighted to posses a photo book in which we play a part in a life story being immortalized in pictures and print.

It's almost a sure bet, if we own a camera, we took digital photos at the event in question. Many of them. With a digital camera, why not click away?

Chances are good, we uploaded the photographs from the memory card onto our computer. All of them. No matter the quality or composition, dumped without a care for the story they could tell. When we view them, if we review them, our finger is on the button, click, click,click. They fly by.

A few of us may own a digital picture frame which rotates through a series of photos we have loaded onto it. If we had the time, the less than good photographs of our event were eliminated in a sweep. Maybe, the slide show is our computer screensaver. As long as power flows, the images pass by, at a predetermined pace, like a battery-powered toy playing by itself. Human interaction not required.

But a book, a photo book, one we can hold in our hands and peruse at the speed of contemplation, filled with a limited amount of carefully chosen, great pictures, placed on pages with forethought for the message, pages sequenced to chronicle the story in which we are a participant, this is worth having.

If we receive the photo book as a present, as a keepsake of an event shared with the gift-giver and creator, it becomes a treasure to be displayed. Often coffee table sized, a photo book placed to attract the eye and the hand, will invite people to pull it onto their laps for a look and a trip down memory lane.

If you are the creator of the photo book, made to commemorate a shared life event, chances are you have a list of family and friends who would like to have a copy of your endeavor.

Photo books can be given as gifts for every kind of occasion to every kind of individual. If the photo book you have created is a happy retelling of your Grandparents' Diamond Wedding Anniversary celebration, it is still an appropriate gift for your sibling's birthday and an adult grandchild's Christmas. Everyone whose photo appears in the photo book is a possible recipient.

When it comes to photo books commemorating a winning season, every team member and all the coaching staff, would be very pleased to receive one as a gift from the sport's boosters. The same goes for any group who participated in a project which produced visible, photographable results achieved through teamwork.

Artists who create a photo book of their completed works will often find the compilation is a much appreciated gift, no matter the reason or occasion. Such photo books also make lovely housewarming gifts for new homeowners or for a couple settng up housekeeping for the very first time.

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