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      August 19, 2019

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Pro Resume Writing Services vs Amazing Resume Creator

To help you find the Best Resume Builders, provides you with an in-depth comparison of Pro Resume Writing Services and Amazing Resume Creator.

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Get Your Resume with Professional Resume Writing Services Today! You've heard of the importance of a good first impression? Well, your resume is the first impression your prospective employer has of you. Do you want to be remembered as Cluttered? Confusing? Clumsy? Or Precise, Interesting, and To-the-Point?

Companies don't have time to interview everyone who applies for a job. They eliminate most job applicants based on a decision from their resume. If you don't have a good, clean, interesting resume to start with, you'll never get that next chance for a job interview.

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Best Reviews


Resume Builder Reviews

5 stars
Pro Resume Writing Services



From $199 to $349

Return Policy:

Guaranteed to get you an interview Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Pro Resume Writing Services offers a simple and straightforward plan that we appreciated. There are no confusing templates, disparate pricing structures, a la carte services to choose from or up sells for additional levels of service. The process is simple - send them your resume and a professional resume writer recreates it for you.

The main webpage at Pro Resume Writing Services is simple and effective. Boldly stated at the top are some facts showing why 98% of all resumes are discarded by prospective employers before they get a detailed read through. Just after those facts Pro Resume Writing Services gives customers their 100% guarantee that they will get an interview using their services.

The pricing structure is simple and competitive at Pro Resume Writing Services. At $199.00 for the basic service, the customer sends a current resume in via the website, and a personal resume writer will call them back and work with them until they get a finished product they are satisfied with. This company also offers a rush service (24 hours vs. 48 hours without the rush) for an additional $50.00 and a cover letter and thank you letter for an additional $100.00 fee. But that's it; there are no pricing tiers for executives or people with longer or more involved resumes. This is a strength of Pro Resume Writing Services from a cost standpoint for those with a lot of business experience, because many other services up sell the customer if they have a lot of experience to capture.

A phone number is prominently displayed to speak with a customer service representative at Pro Resume Writing Services, which is something unavailable on many other resume service sites. They also highlight on the front page that the entire business is made up of four writers, and that the customer will be assigned to one of them. This gave us the sense that since the business is small, that service will be more personalized than with most other resume website companies.

Simple, affordable and personalized, Pro Resume Writing Services is an excellent choice for those that already have their resume drafted but need help getting it to the next level.

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1 star
Amazing Resume Creator



From $49.95 to $89.95

Return Policy:

30-day money back guarantee

Amazing Resume Creator guarantees that "in just 10 minutes flat, you can quickly and easily crank out an amazing resume that is guaranteed to have your telephone ringing off the hook with hot job interviews and top job offers...without writing one word." Jimmy P. Sweeney, a professional copywriter and direct response marketer is the mastermind behind Amazing Resume Creator.

Amazing Resume Creator claims to have already helped almost 20,000 job seekers in 25 countries obtain job offers from around the world. An animation on the homepage will get your attention, but the lengthy wording will distract and deter you. With no navigation tabs to help you locate important information, the website leaves a lot to be desired. All of the information resides on the homepage. Viewers have to scroll down lengthy paragraphs to obtain the necessary information.

If you're still inclined to read about Amazing Resume Creator, you'll find a variety of opinions on resumes. Included on the website are tips such as, "a simple, well-written resume seasoned with a few special ingredients can flood your calendar with top job interview requests, easier and faster than you can ever imagine."Obviously Jimmy P. Sweeney has put his professional copywriting talents to good use.

With too much information and an unorganized website, Amazing Resume Creator is a poor choice in online resume builders. The words are lengthy and not helpful in getting customers what they want...a resume with little effort on their part. Although the program comes with three enticing bonuses such as "Top 3 Award Winning Cover Letter Templates, Amazing Job Interview Success! And The Big 3 Salary Negotiation Secrets" this product proves to be unprofessional and confusing.

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And that's the purpose of the resume - to get to the interview. It needs to communicate where you are, where you've been, and where you're headed. Your resume needs to shout - professionally - "I'm the best person for your team".

Sadly, many people underestimate the importance of a resume in their job search. They don't know what skillsets of theirs to sell; and if they do, many don't know how to communicate this effectively. This means that many people never get the job they want or deserve.

Fortunately, there are a few very good resume building services available to help people craft an elegant and inspiring resume. When evaluating these services, you need to consider a variety of factors. Some of these include:

  • Effectiveness. Does the service deliver a professionally crafted resume that will interest your prospective employers?
  • Value. How expensive is the resume building service, relative to what you can expect to receive?
  • Support. Does the resume service offer additional information or help that can answer your specific questions? has reviewed and ranked the best resume builders available today. We hope this information helps you land your next dream job!

'There's a freaking bitmoji on the resume.'

("There's a freaking bitmoji on the resume," a school official said ... even self-published) called, How to Build and Run a Finance Department: a 365-Day Guide to Success. Look, I do agree that ...

Published:  Tue, 13 Aug 2019 21:20:00 GMT

Southwest Airlines Will Resume Hawaii Expansion in 2020

However, in conjunction with its second-quarter earnings report, Southwest Airlines announced that it would soon resume its growth ... as it looks to build on its early success there.

Published:  Sun, 18 Aug 2019 11:20:00 GMT

Japan to resume effort to tackle contaminated water problem at Fukushima

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan is resuming efforts to disperse a build-up of contaminated water at Tokyo Electric Power's wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant that is stalling progress on cleaning up the site, ...

Published:  Thu, 08 Aug 2019 03:15:00 GMT

Almost a year after closing, bus service resumes at Salesforce Transit Center

Normal, weekday service will resume on Monday, August 12 - a year to the day that ... a joint venture between Webcor Builders and Obayashi Corp. Amid litigation - including Webcor/Obayashi's ...

Published:  Fri, 09 Aug 2019 15:27:00 GMT

China and Japan vow to build ties for "new era' as strategic talks resume

China and Japan said they would work to build a relationship that met the requirements of a "new era" , as the two sides resumed strategic talks after a seven-year hiatus. The strategic dialogue ...

Published:  Sat, 10 Aug 2019 11:57:00 GMT

Belichick: Patriots will "build on' Isaiah Wynn's summer debut

It's a resume that makes it understandable that the second-year player ... "It was good to get Isaiah out there," Belichick said. "So we'll just build on that. We'll see where we are next week for the ...

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Resume Objective Tips and Examples

Resume Objectives Mistakes to Avoid As with ... performing quality assurance reviews and learning how to build process solutions to improve forecast accuracy and compliance for internal and ...

Published:  Fri, 16 Aug 2019 10:23:00 GMT

Recruiting Column: Get a coach's attention with your player resume

Your player resume should include the academic/athletic stats and facts a college coach needs to easily decide whether you belong in his/her program, or not. To build an effective player resume ...

Published:  Thu, 08 Aug 2019 10:07:00 GMT

Voluntourism: A resume-booster for Stanford-hopefuls, but a flawed means of public service

"Our mission while at the orphanage was to build a library," Biddle wrote ... effort and money in the most cost-effective way. Public service is a resume-booster because it is meaningful. But ...

Published:  Wed, 14 Aug 2019 00:10:00 GMT

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