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Russian Lessons Reviews

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Russian Accelerator gets rave reviews for its approach to teaching Russian, especially from students who didn't succeed using other programs. We love the 100% money-back guarantee for up to a full year from the time of purchase, and even the $1 three-week trial comes with several bonuses that customers can keep even if they opt not to subscribe. Although the program cost is more expensive than some of the Russian lessons in our review, the numerous testimonials from happy students convince us that Russian Accelerator has earned its spot as the top program for Russian lessons in our review.

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Rocket Languages' comprehensive approach to learning Russian includes nearly 150 hours of lesson time in its Premium Level 1 Russian program, taking students from beginner to intermediate level ability in the language. Rocket Languages' Russian lessons are a good choice for students with little to no experience with Russian, particularly because of Rocket's reputation for success with many satisfied students and a terrific customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Transparent Language offers two basic methods for learning Russian: an audio course available by MP3 download and an online subscription for adults. If you're an independent learner who wants flexibility in moving from one lesson topic to another, without needing to be motivated by mastery requirements, Transparent Language's Russian programs may be a good fit.

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Rosetta Stone is probably the best-known system for learning a new language. Their Russian lessons are available in a two-year online subscription, CD-ROM, or download. Rosetta Stone's free 3-day trial is only available in a handful of languages, not including Russian, but their 30-day money-back guarantee makes it risk-free to give their programs a more thorough trial run.

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Living Language offers a 45-lesson online Russian program, as well as print and audio formats for learners who don't have easy access to a computer. At the time of our review, however, Living Language was not offering their most complete package (Platinum) with their Russian lessons.

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The core of Pimsleur's approach to teaching Russian is the 30-minute audio lesson. If you learn well by hearing, their Russian lessons may be a good fit for you. You can also opt for the Unlimited Software package that includes flashcards and other multimedia features for a more well-rounded language learning experience. Pimsleur's prices are considerably higher than other programs in our review.

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Pronounced "link", LingQ offers language instruction through authentic Russian texts and native speaker "helpers", who design lessons and work directly with learners to help them sound more natural. LingQ's point system for making connections is not easy to understand, and students may spend more money than they anticipated, compared with a fixed-price program. The lesson selection seems random rather than structured, and new students might feel lost trying to figure out where to start.

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Strokes International's Russian lessons focus on the topics included in the A1 through C1 Standards of the European Framework for Languages. With several errors on the website, almost no positive reviews from program users, and no return policy, Strokes International's Easy Learning Russian lessons are the lowest-ranked in our review.

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Russian Lessons

Why learn to speak Russian More than 270 million people speak Russian worldwide, from native speakers living in the nations of the former Soviet Union to students who have learned it as a second language. In fact, many federal agencies - from the US Department of Agriculture to the Department of Defense, as well as the FBI, CIA, NSA and State Department - have identified Russian as a priority language of national need.

It's no wonder, therefore, that speaking Russian can be a distinct advantage in one's career goals, international travels, or post-graduate studies. Modern technology makes it possible to learn Russian from the comfort of your home - or anywhere you choose to go with your mobile device and headphones - rather than trying to find a local class and fit it into your busy lifestyle.

From audio lessons to interactive multimedia programs on your laptop, beginning and experienced students alike can easily access the information needed to take their skills to the next level.

When deciding on a program for studying Russian, you should determine your overall goals and focus on a program that will help you meet your objectives while being a good fit for your learning style, available time for studying, and your budget.

If you learn best by listening, you may want to focus on lessons that are provided primarily in audio format, making it easy to learn on-the-go, during your commute, and so on.

On the other hand, if you're a more visual learner, you will want to choose a program with Russian lessons that are delivered through videos, images, and reading materials, whether that's delivered via CD/DVD or through an online download or subscription.

One aspect of learning Russian to keep in mind is its use of a non-Roman alphabet. Russian is written using the Cyrillic alphabet, which can take some time to recognize, understand, and master.

Is it important for you to learn how to read and write in Russian, or is conversational ability sufficient If your reasons for learning the language include reading and writing, make sure to select Russian lessons that will give you experience with Cyrillic.

There are a few key components to evaluate as you consider which Russian lessons will be a good fit. These include:

  • Instructional Methods. Many language programs offer a free trial. Did the sample lesson or activity leave you feeling interested and educated, or frustrated Is the structure of the program a match with your preferred way of learning (for example, auditory, visual, and so on)
  • Skill Level. Does the program expect that you've already had experience with Russian or with learning languages in general How much instruction is provided in the program package Will you have full access to all levels for one price, or will you have to spend more to purchase more advanced levels as you progress
  • Value. Have other people gained or improved their fluency in Russian with this program Is it worth the price you will pay to purchase the download, CDs, or subscription has reviewed and ranked the best Russian lessons available today. We hope these reviews will help you to find the perfect Russian program to get you on the road to fluency in no time!

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Republicans leading Russia probe ignored every lesson I learned as a prosecutor: Adam Schiff

It wasn't just what I learned about Russian tradecraft. Far more important, my experience taught me a great deal about how to investigate complex crimes. Investigations have a certain rhythm: You begin with solid leads, use subpoenas to compel ...

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Russian Soyuz set to carry crew to space station

"It's just amazing," Feustel said of the Russian vehicle. "The spacecraft is well designed, it's got a lot of great redundant features to it ... and it has some incredible capabilities. It's beauty is in it simplicity. It's been a thrill to learn how well ...

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WSJ City PM: UK Tensions Ramp Up with Russia, Lessons Learned From Bear Stearns, A Clearer Picture on Prudential

Download for iPhone or Android. Here's essential reading on today's developments. MUST READS FROM WSJ CITY The UK is kicking out 23 Russian diplomats, its single biggest expulsion in more than three decades. It described Moscow as showing complete ...

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Trudy Rubin: Response to Russian attack was wimpy

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Here Is What Trump Should Do about the Poisoning of a Former Russian Spy

Or the Russian government lost control of this potentially catastrophically ... we must ensure that he pays a high price, heeding the lessons of Munich in 1938. Bullies tend to back down when they realize they are in for a fight, while seeking compromise ...

Published:  Thu, 15 Mar 2018 21:49:00 GMT

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