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      December 11, 2018

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Virtual Bookworm vs Books Just Books

Best Self Publishing Companies

To help you find the Best Self Publishers, provides you with an in-depth comparison of Virtual Bookworm and Books Just Books.

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Publishing a book used to be an expensive chore both in terms of time and money. You had to submit your work to a major publishing house, hope that it was accepted by their editors and review boards, and pay exorbitant publishing fees. After all that, there were extensive marketing and distribution methods and fees - all of which conspired to force many would-be authors to abandon their craft.

Thankfully, times have changed. Today, anyone can have their work professionally printed, marketed, and distributed through a variety of self-publishing services.

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Best Reviews


Self Publishing Reviews

4 stars
Virtual Bookworm



From $360 to $2,350



Virtual Bookworm provides full service publishing services at a reasonable price. This comprehensive company excels at providing fast publishing services. On average, Virtual Bookworm can turn around an order in 4 to 6 weeks. This makes Virtual Bookworm one of the fastest services available

Virtual Bookworm has a number of publishing packages they offer to meet individual needs. They provide manuscript formatting, the assignment of a Library of Congress Control number, original cover design, author discounts, web domain registration, web design, the printing of bookmarks and more. They also provide information for authors related to writing and marketing.

As the author, your royalty is set at 50% of the sales price of the book. While Virtual Bookworm has flexible publishing options and quick turnaround they have room for improvement with their ability to sell books. Virtual Bookworm uses the wholesalers Baker & Taylor, Inc. and Ingram Book Group for distribution. Virtual Bookworm does not yet have experience printing thousands of titles.

Customer service and support at Virtual Bookworm is impressive to say the least. The representatives we talked to were well informed and very willing to answer all of our questions. We didn't sit on hold waiting to be served - this company is very responsive and exceeded our expectations.

Overall, we were impressed with the personal responsiveness quick turnaround offered by Virtual Bookworm. They offer a good list of publishing services that will meet the needs of most authors. However, we would have liked a longer track record in selling and marketing books, and a more attractive royalty program.

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3.5 stars
Books Just Books



From $350 to $695 plus initial book order



Books Just Books approaches publishing differently than many companies on this list. Books Just Books is not a Print On Demand publisher; instead, they are a book printer, first and foremost. While their publishing services will be useful to most authors, they don't have a long list of extra services available

Books Just Books acknowledges that on demand is better if the author can sell only a few dozen or a couple of hundred books. Print On Demand can reduce an author's upfront publishing costs to just a few hundred dollars, and they don't have to stock inventory. However, if sales start to number in the hundreds, on demand publishing can actually decrease the author's profits.

With Books Just Books, the author has to order and pay for all the books he or she will sell with the initial order. This upfront fee can easily be $10,000-$20,000. This further emphasizes the author as both the book distributor and primary salesman. While this can be a negative for most aspiring authors, the profit potential of this option can be much more attractive if large numbers of books will be sold.

Books Just Books offers a surprising amount of marketing help for a company that is only a book printer. They assist their authors with getting listed in Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Books Just Books also has an online bookstore. They help each author with a website to promote and sell his book.

Books Just Books offers fewer services but allows the novice author to choose only want they want and need. We would have liked to have seen an on-demand option with Books Just Books to meet even more customer needs.

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Continued from above

Self publishing companies create books for thousands of authors every year thanks to advancements in computer technology and a concept called Print-On-Demand (POD) publishing. This concept allows for books to be quickly printed and shipped as they are ordered, which eliminates the need for large upfront costs and storage.

However, not all self publishing companies are created equal. There are a wide range of services that are (or are not) offered by these companies, including professional editing services, custom graphic work, book cover options, personalized photos, marketing methods, distribution services, fees, and perhaps most importantly, royalties paid to you, the author.

There are a number of self publishing companies that exist today. They all have different fee structures and specific services that they can provide. You should consider important aspects of each self publishing company before you decide to choose one. Some of these aspects include:

  • Cost and Fees. What is the cost to self-publish your book? Will they keep a percentage of each future sale?
  • Included services. Does the company provide a wide range of self-publishing services for one set fee, or do they provide a list of services that you can choose from?
  • Turn-around time. How fast can the self-publishing company produce your book? has reviewed and ranked the best self publishing companies available today. We hope this information helps you start your publishing career right away!

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Stardew Valley Creator to Start Self-Publishing on December 14th

It's hard not to love Stardew Valley, Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone's take on the farming/RPG genre that Harvest Moon popularized. That's especially if you consider the long and arduous ...

Published:  Fri, 30 Nov 2018 22:45:00 GMT

'Stardew Valley' Creator Splits with Publisher, Moves to Self-Publishing

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Video Game News: Stardew Valley Developer looks to begin self-publishing

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator RPG that was released back in 2016. This gem of a game by Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone was one of the best releases to come out that year, garnering high scores fro...

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Stardew Valley moves to self-publishing model in December

Eric Barone, who most of the internet and gaming community knows by now as ConcernedApe, took to the official Stardew Valley site with an important announcement today. Starting December 14, the creato...

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Stardew Valley Developer Will Begin Self-Publishing on Most Platforms

Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe made a pretty huge announcement today. The developer, whose real name is Eric Barone, announced that he will soon self-publish his indie smash on most platforms, ...

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