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Selling Cars

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Cars offers the most comprehensive approach to selling your used vehicle. Choose among the Online Quick Offer, In-Person Dealer Appraisal, or listing your car to sell it yourself. No matter which route you choose, Cars is a trusted resource for selling your car, as shown by their excellent "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. They are our first choice for selling used cars.

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Web2Carz is an "A+"-rated business with the BBB as a resource for people looking to buy or sell a car. While their features for selling your used vehicle are somewhat limited, they do use a wide range of partner sites to help your ad be seen online by as many people as possible.

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Autotrader offers two ways to sell your used car: getting an Instant Cash Offer based on a calculated Kelley Blue Book value, or creating a listing to sell it yourself on the Autotrader site. This business does have an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau, but customer reviews across the board indicate that, at least for the "sell your car" portion of their services, Autotrader may be an expensive way to generate fewer potential customers than some seller found acceptable.

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TRUECar makes it easy to sell your car to a dealership with their TRUECar Sell mobile app. Their process takes only minutes to get you a guaranteed offer from multiple dealers within 24 hours. However, there is no feature allowing you to create a listing and sell your vehicle directly to individuals, somewhat limiting your options.

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Massachusetts-based Car Gurus is a resource for those who want to buy or sell a vehicle, both new and used. Using the service is free for private sellers, and your listing can be seen by "over 20 million shoppers" each month. But, with a "C-" rating with the Better Business Bureau and complaints from sellers saying that their responses to buyers' inquiries never went through, Car Gurus might not offer the best possible experience when selling your vehicle, but their no-obligation price analysis tool could be helpful even if you list your car elsewhere.

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Sell My Car has a no-frills website offering to list your used car by posting it in the Auto section of Google Base. Because of numerous typos and grammatical mistakes on the website, the lack of any way to contact the business other than a contact form, and numerous complaints from people who were scammed on the buying end of using Sell My Car, we cannot recommend that you trust this service for selling your used vehicle.

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Sell Cars

When the time comes to sell your car - maybe you're downsizing, or you'd like to get a better price for it than what you were offered by your local dealership - what's the best way to find a buyer In the past, most people had to rely on ads in the newspaper or even posting a sign in the window of the vehicle itself. Of course, these methods limited sellers to a small number of prospective buyers.

In today's market, the obvious choice for selling a vehicle is by using the Internet. It's not uncommon for buyers to travel long distances, even to other states, if it means getting the vehicle with the features and price they're looking for. In order to reach the widest number of people, choosing the right online service is essential to selling your used car quickly and for a fair price.

How do you know which website will provide the best experience for you as a seller Consider these four criteria:

  • Visibility. How many cars are typically listed on the site Will your vehicle be lost among many others, or are there so few cars listed that the site doesn't get enough visitors Is your listing shown only to dealerships, or will private buyers also be able to find your vehicle
  • Cost. Does the site charge you a fee for using their service If so, is it a flat fee or a percentage of the final sales price of the vehicle
  • Reputability. Does the service have a solid reputation as a business Are previous sellers happy with the results of using the site
  • Extra Services. Can the site connect you with resources for offering inspections for prospective buyers, tools to estimate your car's value, or any other helpful features

Whichever site you choose, you'll want to do everything possible to make your car appealing to its future owner. Make sure to clean the exterior and interior: vacuum the floor mats and between the seats, remove any bumper stickers if it can be done without damaging the paint, and consider adding an air freshener to give the car a pleasant smell. Also, as with any sales transaction that begins online, take the appropriate safety precautions to protect yourself; some people choose to meet in a well-lit parking lot at a busy supermarket or even outside of a local police station, to give both buyer and seller some extra peace of mind. has reviewed and ranked the best sites for selling cars available today. We hope these reviews help you find the right buyer and sell your car right away!

Selling Cars In The News

D.A.: Man accused of selling stolen cars for scrap

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A Port Richmond man schemed to sell 27 stolen cars for scrap, including several which he illegally towed himself, authorities allege. At least four of the vehicles allegedly were stolen by the suspect, Michael Olsen, 49, of Simonson ...

Published:  Thu, 15 Mar 2018 09:36:00 GMT

Trump accuses Japan of using 'bowling ball test' on cars; White House says he was joking

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused Japan of using a "bowling ball test" to cheat US auto companies out of selling cars to Japanese consumers. A White House spokeswoman said Thursday he was joking. "It's the bowling ball test.

Published:  Thu, 15 Mar 2018 12:00:16 GMT

Trump accuses Japan of using 'bowling ball test' on cars

WASHINGTON (CNN) - President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused Japan of using a "bowling ball test" to cheat US auto companies out of selling cars to Japanese consumers. A White House spokeswoman said Thursday he was joking. "It's the bowling ball test.

Published:  Fri, 16 Mar 2018 09:29:00 GMT

Trump was only joking about Japanese 'bowling ball test' for cars, White House says

Dziczek said the Trans-Pacific Partnership eased the regulatory hurdles American automakers face selling cars in Japan, by allowing signatories to use the same expedited review processes domestic Japanese carmakers enjoyed with their vehicles. But Trump ...

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Ford's future hybrid, electric-car lineup: 5 things to know

CHECK OUT: China to lead Ford electric-car effort, 300-mile electric SUV to be built in Mexico ... losing money on every electric Fiat 500e California forces the company to sell, came out with the much-praised 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan ...

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Golden Sahara 1953 Lincoln Capri Remote Control Car Resurfaces, to Sell in May

The name George Barris has for decades been associated with car customization taken to an entirely different level. 7 photos The man is the one behind some iconic automobiles of the last century, including stars like the Lincoln Futura-based Batmobile ...

Published:  Thu, 15 Mar 2018 02:31:00 GMT

Banning cigarette ads worked; should we ban car ads

And while banning car advertising might reduce the demand for big fancy Dodge Demons, Elon Musk hasn't spent a dime on advertising and has had no trouble selling his cars. Nevertheless, Birch concludes: Rates of smoking have been dropping ever since ...

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Ford Plans to Sell a Hybrid Bronco SUV

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This Week in the Future of Cars: The Time of Questioning

How will self-driving cars actually be manufactured ... Why is it so hard for American carmakers to sell their wares in China And what can the US do about it Jack runs the analysis and concludes that Tesla (and other EV-makers) will most likely continue ...

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VW will sell 'Volks-SUV' in U.S., China but shuns Europe

VW approved the SUV's design last week. It will based on VW's flexible MQB architecture for front tranverse engine cars. VW executives said there are currently no plans to sell the SUV to Europe where the compact T-Roc better suits tastes in the region ...

Published:  Fri, 16 Mar 2018 05:45:00 GMT

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