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Sign Language Lessons

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Although Start ASL is not the least expensive program on the market for learning American Sign Language, the amount of resources provided to students make it well worth the investment. From three levels of language learning, to access to one-on-one tutoring if needed. And, they offer an impressive number of lessons at no charge, for those who want to start studying ASL for free. Start ASL is the most comprehensive way to learn American Sign Language online. They are our top pick for ASL programs.

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Rocket Languages quickly teaches students beginner to intermediate American Sign Language and includes almost 100 hours of instruction in its Level 1 program. As the most affordable product in our review, Rocket Languages is a great choice for learning basic ASL on a budget.

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If you want to learn ASL without depending on an internet connection, you should consider Learn and Master Sign Language. You'll get 49 hours of instruction delivered on 25 DVDs, on topics ranging from ASL Grammar to Sign Language for Daily Activities. Be aware that there is no opportunity to ask questions or interact with other learners while using this program, as the Student Support Discussion Board seemed to have been discontinued at the time of our review.

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Sign Language Lessons

Used by as many as 500,000 people in the United States and Canada alone, American Sign Language (ASL) is the main form of sign language used by Deaf communities. ASL also forms the foundation of many sign language dialects used around the world, including parts of Southeast Asia and West Africa.

In addition to Deaf individuals, those who use American Sign Language include parents, children, or other family members of Deaf people; teachers working with students who are nonverbal; and, even parents of infants who want to communicate with their babies before their little ones are able to use spoken language.

You may be surprised to learn that American Sign Language has its own structure, rather than being a word-for-word translation of spoken English. For example, the phrase "The father loves his child" would typically use just the signs for "father", "love", and "child". And, just like any other language, ASL can have an "accent" based on the region or culture of the signer, with variations of hand position and facial expression.

In the past, aspiring students of American Sign Language would have to find a Deaf community willing to teach them to sign, take a class at a local community college (if offered), or struggle with books and antiquated DVD lessons in order to learn ASL. However, today's modern tools make it easy to learn fluent American Sign Language at home or even on-the-go, with online courses and up-to-date video lessons.

Are you ready to find the right American Sign Language lessons for you? As you consider the ASL programs on the market, keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Instructional Methods. Do the American Sign Language lessons use a teaching approach that fits your personal learning style?
  • Skill Level. Are the ASL lessons appropriate for novice language learners, or do they expect you to already have some experience with the language? Can you progress from one level to another for the same original purchase price or subscription, or will you have to invest more money later?
  • Value. Do the American Sign Language lessons have a track record of student success, making it worth the money you will spend? has reviewed and ranked the best Sign Language lessons available today. We hope these reviews help you open new doors of communication as you learn to sign fluently in ASL right away!

Sign Language In The News

This rock sign language interpreter steals the show at Slayer's farewell tour

When you go to a rock concert, your main focus is normally on the band, the music, the vibe - especially if it's a farewell tour. But not for Lamb of God's set - sorry Randy - because everyone's atten...

Published:  Tue, 17 Jul 2018 04:14:00 GMT

Committee calls for national anthem guidelines and formal Irish sign language version

Guidelines for using the national anthem and support for a formal Irish sign language version of it have been proposed by an all-party Oireachtas Committee. However, politicians have stopped short of ...

Published:  Tue, 17 Jul 2018 09:41:00 GMT

This clever app lets Amazon Alexa read sign language

The voice assistant speaker revolution of Google Home and Amazon Alexa has left the deaf community behind. It's a two-fold problem. These devices never learned to decipher the spoken voices of people ...

Published:  Tue, 17 Jul 2018 07:00:00 GMT

How Deaf Children in Nicaragua Created a New Language

Of all the changes within Nicaragua to come out of the overthrow of the Somoza regime by the Sandinistas in 1979, perhaps the least anticipated was the birth of a new language. Nicaraguan Sign Languag...

Published:  Fri, 13 Jul 2018 07:14:00 GMT

Beckie Breiner makes video of This is Me in sign language

A Sittingbourne mum is poised to become an internet sensation with a video of her performing smash hit movie theme tune This is Me in sign language. Becki Breiner, 36, has been deaf since she was thre...

Published:  Mon, 16 Jul 2018 16:13:00 GMT

Lumberton sign language teacher 'rocks' social media in viral video interpreting at metal concert

LUMBERTON - The night Lindsay Rothschild-Cross' boss called and told her she'd gone 'viral' on Facebook, the 29-year-old Lumberton teacher didn't sleep. "It was my worst nightmare," Rothschild-Cross s...

Published:  Thu, 12 Jul 2018 13:04:00 GMT

From translating hearing aids to sign-language gloves, amazing assistive tech

Think that assistive technology for the deaf and hard of hearing community is all about your run-of-the-mill hearing aids here in 2018 Think again! From signing robot arms to mind-reading hearing aid...

Published:  Sat, 07 Jul 2018 06:51:00 GMT

Utah officer uses sign language to work with the deaf community

Officer Zeller learned sign language and worked in education before joining the force. Then 10 years ago she developed otosclerosis - which hardened the bones in her inner ear and caused a massive los...

Published:  Fri, 06 Jul 2018 18:45:00 GMT

Watch the first performance of the national anthem in Irish sign language

The Irish national anthem has been performed publically for the first time in Irish sign language. Amhran na bhFiann was performed by the Irish Deaf Community Choir at the launch of a report by an all ...

Published:  Tue, 17 Jul 2018 09:52:00 GMT

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