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Singing Lesson Reviews

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Aaron Anastasi's Superior Singing Method is a risk-free way to improve your singing voice, whether you're a beginner or an experienced vocalist. With more than 50 singing lesson videos, 31 dynamic vocal exercise audios, daily vocal exercise routines and more, SSM offers a great training method at an extremely competitive price.

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Despite having a "cutesy" name, Singorama is a comprehensive, well-designed program for those who want to improve their singing ability. Although subscribers will need a solid internet connection to download the program's files, Singorama customers report significant progress while using the method.

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Sing and See is technology used to improve your voice through measurement that you can visualize on your computer screen. Priced inexpensively, Sing and See is a nice tool for those looking to improve their singing ability but that are willing to buy additional equipment to make that happen.

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The 5 Point Singing System is the creation of Angela Kelman, lead singer of Farmer's Daughter. This is a program geared towards the beginner and comes with a decent return policy. Their website lacks some of the professionalism and customer friendliness that we expect when shopping online.

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Singing Lessons

Whether it's been your lifelong dream to have a beautiful voice, or you want to impress your friends in the choir, or you think American Idol is in your future, your singing voice won't improve on it's own. Traditionally, the few people that could afford it would hire expensive voice coaches to improve their voice, pitch, and breathing. After hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, they would usually emerge with a better singing voice.

Thankfully, other methods of learning how to sing are now available that are both flexible to your schedule and much more affordable. On the internet today you can find companies that will provide DVD's, CD's, downloaded instructions, or training videos that can be effective in teaching anyone to sing. In addition to being much less expensive than traditional voice coaches, these products let you practice and learn at any time of the day, at your own schedule and pace.

However, not all singing lessons are the same. Before you purchase the first singing lesson package that you find, you need to consider some important aspects of singing lesson programs:

  • Quality. Who's selling the singing lessons and what will you receive? If you're expected to learn from downloaded instructions, but don't have convenient access to a computer, that's important to know.
  • Cost. How much will you have to pay for your singing lesson instructions? How does this cost compare other singing lesson providers?
  • Return policy. If you receive your downloaded instructions or DVD's in the mail and a problem exists will you get your money back? has reviewed and ranked the best singing lessons available today. We hope these reviews help you train your voice to be a beautiful musical instrument!

Singing Lessons In The News

Back To School! Mel C Urges Other Spice Girls To Get Singing Lessons

Mel C has reportedly told her fellow Spice Girls to take singing lessons before they go on tour. Sporty Spice, who is regarded as being the best singer in the group, told the others they needed to ...

Published:  Sat, 20 Oct 2018 11:11:00 GMT

Mel C orders Spice Girls to take singing lessons or she won't join reunion

Sporty Spice Mel C is determined Spice Girls reunion tour is credible and wants group to be at the top of their game Sporty Spice overturned years of very public objection to re-joining the world's bi...

Published:  Fri, 19 Oct 2018 13:14:00 GMT

Spice Girls' singing lessons

Mel C has ordered the Spice Girls to take singing lessons. Although Victoria Beckham is not joining the group's reunion tour, Mel C, Mel B, Geri Horner and Emma Bunton are set to land around £12 milli...

Published:  Fri, 19 Oct 2018 22:00:00 GMT

Mel C reckons singing lessons key to reunion tour

Mel C has convinced the Spice Girls to take singing lessons ahead of their reunion tour. It was recently confirmed that the band's highly-anticipated comeback is "definitely" happening minus Victoria ...

Published:  Sat, 20 Oct 2018 04:10:00 GMT

Mel C wants Spice Girls to take singing lessons before rumored reunion: Report

The Spice Girls reunion - sans Victoria Beckham - is getting closer to a reality, but Sporty Spice apparently has an awkward request before the girl group takes the stage: She wants them to take singi...

Published:  Sat, 20 Oct 2018 09:45:00 GMT

Mel C urges other Spice girls "˜to take singing lessons' ahead of reunion tour

Spice Girls' Mel C has "˜convinced' Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner to take singing lessons ahead of their reunion tour. But Victoria Beckham - who is reportedly not interested in ...

Published:  Fri, 19 Oct 2018 15:24:00 GMT

Mel C tells other Spice Girls to 'take singing lessons' before they kick off reunion tour

Mel C has reportedly asked her fellow Spice Girls to take singing lessons before they head off on tour. In what was no doubt an awkward conversation, Sporty Spice is said to have convinced her bandmat...

Published:  Fri, 19 Oct 2018 18:24:00 GMT

Singing Lessons: New study shows young birds learn from adults

Just like humans, young songbirds are thought to learn their vocalizations by listening to adults - a process that has been studied in the laboratory but never experimentally in the wild, until now. J...

Published:  Wed, 10 Oct 2018 07:10:00 GMT

Lessons from the trees: We can hold each other up

He also allowed that even if she could not sing the words, trying to sing was beneficial. So, daily mom and I take a singing tour of Westminster Oaks. Our repertoire ranges from "A Bicycle Built for T...

Published:  Fri, 19 Oct 2018 10:13:00 GMT

Career lessons from "˜Carpool Karaoke'

And since life lessons pop up in the most unexpected places ... While Corden frequently pokes fun at his singing abilities, he also belts "˜em out with the best of them. It's interesting to try to gues...

Published:  Wed, 10 Oct 2018 11:13:00 GMT

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