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VitalSleep is a stop snoring product in the mandibular advancement device (MAD) category, utilizing a highly-customizable mouthpiece to keep the lower jaw in place and thus maintain an unrestricted airway. The company's excellent attention to customer service, as evidenced by generous policies regarding returns and exchanges and a money-back guarantee.

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SnoreStop provides a homeopathic approach to snoring that does not stem from sleep apnea. Its combination of three products target swelling in the nose, throat, and mouth that often results in the obstructed airways that cause a person to snore. Customers report significant improvements in their snoring and sleep quality, and SnoreStop's low price and 30-day satisfaction guarantee make it virtually risk-free to try their products.

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Good Morning Snore Solution targets snoring by exerting gentle pressure on the tongue during sleep, with an oral appliance that some users compare to the feel of using a pacifier. A 30-day money back guarantee and many positive customer experiences make GMSS a good option for people who want to stop snoring, particularly if they have had issues with other types of mouthpieces.

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Air Snore takes a two-step approach to stopping snoring: a moldable mouthpiece to keep the airway open and topically-applied drops to help with congestion from colds or other infections. While we appreciate the 60-day money back guarantee, inconsistencies with the site left us wondering if we'd be able to get a refund if we needed it.

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My Snoring Solution seeks to prevent snoring by keeping the jaw closed during sleep and thus maintaining an open airway. Unfortunately, many customer reviews indicate that the jaw supporter strap is not tight enough to actually keep the jaw closed, and the company's 25% "disposal fee" on all returns makes the advertised 90-day money back guarantee less reassuring.

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A critical component of well-being is a good night's rest. There are many factors that can cause a person to sleep poorly, including stress, uncomfortable mattresses and bedding, and room temperatures that are too hot or cold.

However, the most common source of sleep disruption is snoring, which affects both the individual who experiences it as well as anyone else sharing the room. This annoying condition prevents many people from getting the recommended 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, snoring impacts nearly 90 million adults in America alone.

What causes snoring? In general, as a person drifts off and moves from a light sleep into a deeper sleep, the muscles in the tongue, throat, and roof of the mouth relax; as the tissues in the throat relax, they can partly obstruct the person's airway and vibrate, causing the sound commonly associated with snoring.

While some people who snore wind up with a medical device known as a CPAP machine to help them breathe better, not everyone needs - or can afford - an expensive solution that can only be obtained with a doctor's prescription. Fortunately, there is a wide range of products available that can address snoring, from throat sprays to oral appliances designed to maintain one's airway free from obstruction.

When evaluating the various products designed to stop snoring, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Type of application. Does the product appropriately address what you believe to be the cause of your snoring? For example, a spray designed to reduce inflammation in the throat would be ineffective if your problem stems from your jaw relaxing while you sleep.
  • Comfort. Does the product allow you to sleep in the way that you are most comfortable in bed? Would you be able to sleep with the product in place (e.g. a strap over the top of your head or a mouthpiece)?
  • Cost. Is the cost of the product competitive with other snoring solutions?
  • Effectiveness. Does the product actually stop snoring? Have other people experienced relief with the product, or is it largely untested or-even worse-ineffective. has reviewed and ranked the best stop snoring products available on the market today. We hope this information helps you (or your loved one) to finally enjoy a peaceful, quiet night's rest!

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