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      November 13, 2019

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Best Stair Climbers

Originally created in 1983, the stair climber is one of the oldest pieces of cardio equipment on the market. Using a stair climber - also known as a stair stepper - can be a great way to add a low-impact, calorie-burning workout to your fitness routine. On average, you can expect to burn up to 1,000 calories in a 60-minute session, depending on your weight, your overall fitness level, and the intensity level you set for your workout.

There are several kinds of stair climbers on the market. First, you may have seen the machine known as a ďstairmillĒ at your local health club. It gives the impression of walking on an escalator, as the workout is delivered by a rotating staircase rather than pedals that you push up and down, and the intensity is changed by the speed of the stairsí rotation. However, most stair climbers for home use do use those pedals; the intensity of the workout changes as you increase or decrease the resistance of the pedals themselves.

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Best Reviews


Stair Climbers

5 stars
Bowflex Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Although you may think of home gym strength equipment when you think of Bowflex, their three stair climber-like products are a great choice for your workout, especially if youíre on a budget. Bowflex also offers one of the most generous return policies on the market: 6 weeks from the date of purchase, with no restocking fees.
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4.5 stars


NordicTrack is a popular brand of fitness equipment for home gyms, probably made most famous by their infomercials. With three models of stair climbers to choose from, all of which feature the ability to change the pattern of motion to be more like stairs or like an elliptical machine, at least two dozen resistance levels, and iFit compatibility, NordicTrack earns high marks.
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3.5 stars


Precor enjoys a great reputation for quality fitness equipment, especially for commercial use in health clubs and other fitness facilities. They offer 4 models of stair climbers, all with adjustable stride lengths; the highest-end model allows users to change the stride height as well. Unfortunately, the extremely high price and lack of a return policy may put Precorís stair climbers out of reach for the average customer. Read More... Visit

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Also, you may find equipment that combines the motion of a stair climber with the stride patterns of an elliptical machine. These types of stair steppers tend to provide a more full-body workout, if youíre looking to combine upper- and lower-body toning while getting your cardio exercise.

As you use a stair climber, itís important to remember a few tips in order to exercise safely and get the best possible workout. If your fitness level allows, you should try not to use the handrails as you step. This will help you burn more calories and improve your balance. Next, make sure that you are using your whole foot on the step/push, not just the balls of your feet - otherwise, itíll mostly be your calves that get a workout. And, as with any exercise session, be sure that your shoes are firmly tied! Getting your laces tangled up in the machine is definitely a recipe for injuries!

When deciding which brand and style of stair climber to purchase, there are several factors to keep in mind:

  • Cost. What is the price range for the stair climbers offered by this retailer? Are the prices competitive with other stores?
  • Resistance Levels. Does the machine offer a wide range of resistance levels, to allow you to push yourself as your fitness improves?
  • Range of Motion. Do you prefer a traditional up-and-down stepping motion, or would you rather have a machine that allows for different foot patterns (up-and-down step as well as front-to-back elliptical)?
  • Return Policy. If your stair climber doesnít measure up to your expectations, will the store allow you to return it for a refund? If so, will there be a restocking fee?
  • Warranty. If the motor fails or parts break, what will the retailer cover and for what length of time?

TopConsumerReviews has reviewed and ranked the best stair climbers available today. We hope these reviews help you choose the best stair climber for your home gym or office!

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