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Snake River Farms Review

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Snake River Farms is part of a company that has been in business since the 1960's. Their goal of producing the highest quality beef in the United States is backed up by a business model which involves them in all processes of the beef lifecycle: from feeding and nutrition to marketing and packaging. This holistic approach makes Snake River Farms a full ranch to table operation and differentiates them from larger steak delivery companies.

Snake River Farms steaks are wet aged, which is said to produce a juicier, more tender piece of meat. They do this with both USDA Prime and American Wagyu cuts of beef. Snake River Farm's American Wagyu, beef that grades higher than USDA Prime, uses the Japanese Beef Marbling Standard grading scale (1 to 12 with 12 being the best) and is designated at two levels. The Black level grades at 6 or higher and their Gold level grades at 9 or higher on the Japanese Beef Marbling Standard. For comparison, USDA Prime beef reaches 4 to 5 on the Japanese scale.

The website for Snake River Farms is both user friendly and appealing. Shoppers looking for a gift option will uncover a decent selection at Snake River Farms. From popular and budget, friendly packages to premium options and business gifts, there is something for everyone. Also, custom gifting options are available to customers ordering 5 or more gifts. Along with easily accessible product categories, customers will find cooking guides and recipes that create an all-around positive shopping experience.

Snake River Farms is very competitive regarding price, and in many cases less expensive, when compared to other reviewed companies, both for their American Wagyu and USDA Prime beef. Their shipping charges are competitive as well, ranging from $9.99 for standard shipping up to $79.99 for overnight.

No matter the shipping preference, recipients can expect every cut of meat to arrive safely in an insulated cooler, packed with dry ice to maintain an appropriate shipping environment. All items are sent frozen and will arrive frozen, partially thawed, or chilled. Customer service representatives are available on weekdays to assist in fixing any issues with the quality, condition, or accuracy of products received.

Whether you're shopping for friends or family their gift box options are a great present. From quality and price to selection and shopping experience, Snake River Farms is near the top. And another reason to choose Snake River Farms is the opportunity to enjoy high-grade Wagyu beef, which is available at a small handful of websites. Snake River Farms is a great option for all your steak delivery needs.

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