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      January 16, 2019

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Crowd Cow Review

Best Steak Companies

To help you find the Best Steaks, provides you with an in-depth Crowd Cow Review.

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Whether you're shopping for your relatives, an important client, or a barbeque buff, finding the right gift can be a challenge. The internet has brought us access to a number of great choices for gift giving. One practical and welcomed idea in today's economy is steak.

In the past, shopping at the supermarket to find quality steaks and preparing them as a gift would have been an unfeasible option. Providing the appropriate packaging and successfully keeping the steak cold is a significant challenge. Today, however, a number of companies provide high quality steaks and meal options as a great gift idea.

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3.5 stars
Crowd Cow

CROWD COW Visit Site

Gift Options:


Crowd Cow wants to put the best beef in your hands - or better yet, on your plate. Where does the best beef come from? Local farms, of course. But, if you've ever tried to buy steaks from a local farm, you're aware of the challenges: you often have to commit to buying ¼ or more of an entire cow, so you're out of luck if you don't own a large freezer.

Maybe you've done this in the past, dividing your "share" with friends or neighbors. That's the premise behind Crowd Cow - allowing 50-100 people to buy a smaller amount of beef at a time, typically 5-10 pounds, and bringing the highest-quality steaks, ground beef, and other cuts to their doorsteps.

What's a typical price when buying steak or other cuts through Crowd Cow? You'll have to create a (free) account to access this information, but here's a sampling of what we found for the cow that was being "shared" at the time of our review:

  • $84 for a Rib Steak share: two 16oz. Rib Steaks, two 8oz. Round Steaks, and 2 lb. of premium ground beef. That's a whopping $16+ per pound.
  • $114 for a New York Steak share: four 12oz. New York Strip Steaks, two 10oz. Chuck Eye Steaks, and 2 lb. of premium ground beef. That's an even heftier $19 per pound.
  • Other Steak options included Thick-Cut Rib Steak, Flat Iron, Coulotte, Skirt, Flank, and Merlot
  • Non-Steak options included Ground Beef, Ground Steak, Burger Patties, Short Ribs, Oxtail, Roasts (Sirloin, Chuck, Top Round, Rump), Stew Meat, Tongue, Heart, Liver, and Bones

Regardless of the size of the order, shipping costs $12.95.

Besides the cost, the only drawback to using Crowd Cow is that there are no gift-giving options. Because of the crowdfunding style they use to sell beef, there's no way to give a gift certificate or send a steak on demand.

Other than that, Crowd Cow may be the ideal option for beef lovers who want the best quality meat, and who like to know exactly where their steak, roast, or burgers came from - without having to commit to purchasing hundreds of pounds of meat at a time. If this method of buying steak interests you, we recommend that you create a free account so that you can see what farms are currently sharing in your area (or that ship to your zip code).

Visit Site

Continued from above

Steak companies range in the level of gift giving services available. Some offer steaks, combination meat options, desserts, recipe books, special seasonings and more - while others have much more limited options.

For those looking to send steak as a gift, finding the right steak company is important in your overall satisfaction. Significant factors to consider before buying include:

  • Gift Giving Options. Does the steak company cater towards the gift giver? Do the packaging and services create a wonderful gift? How many gift giving choices are you provided? Can you choose from steaks, combo packages, and gift certificates?
  • Cost. Compared to the competition, how does the price and quality of the steaks compare?
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. If something goes wrong with the delivery, will the company make every effort to satisfy their customer? has reviewed and ranked the best steak companies available today. We hope this information helps you find the best steaks to meet your needs!

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