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      February 26, 2020

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Dreamstime vs Crestock

To help you find the Best Stock Photos, provides you with an in-depth comparison of Dreamstime and Crestock.

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Get Your Stock Photos with Deposit Photos Today! Stock Photos have become more popular now than ever before. Why? Imagine the cost and time associated with commissioning a professional photographer to capture just the right picture for your next project. That effort could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Stock photography companies provide millions of royalty-free images for you to use in your projects. In a matter of minutes you can have the perfect photo in your hands with the right colors and props, and at a very affordable price. From the convenience and comfort of your office or home, you can quickly find the stock photo you need by accessing one of many professional stock photo websites.

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4.5 stars


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From $0.20 per image

Dreamstime has the self-proclaimed "World's largest community in stock photos", with more than 100,000,000 images. Whether you're looking for a stock photo of a place, an object, or a landscape, with such wide selection, they are likely to have what you are looking for.

Dreamstime's website is easily navigable. Image types (such as photos or illustrations) stand out at the top with generic category tiles (travel, nature, etc.) a little farther down the page. Once in a selected group you are able to sort and refine your search, and know how many results there are. Example: while searching for nature photos we noticed over 9 million to choose from. After refining our search by choosing Deserts, we were left with more than 147,000 images. The depth of the Dreamstime selection is impressive, if not a little daunting, so we found it easier to use their search feature. This technique narrowed our search down to 663 photos after typing "flowing sand desert".

The price of online stock photos varies widely depending on the quality, size, bulk purchases, and subscription plans. Dreamstime's price structure is no different and uses credits as currency on their website. The price of a given image is dependent on its total number of downloads and the image size being downloaded. Each time an image is purchased the total downloads rises until hitting a new pricing level. When a photo hits a new level the number of credits needed to purchase the same image also increases.

One image will range from 1 credit (for the smallest image size in the lowest pricing level) up to 19 credits (for the maximum image size in the maximum pricing level). You can buy a minimum of eleven credits ($14.99) and use them anytime within a year to purchase downloads. The more credits you buy at a time the cheaper each credit is. Another option is to get a Dreamstime subscription which allows a specific number of downloads in a given time, such as 750 images every 3 months ($188/month). The longer your timeframe, up to a year, the cheaper per download cost.

With so many companies providing online stock photos at reasonable prices it is important for a stock website to provide high quality images to their customers. Dreamstime works to accomplish this by reviewing images and refusing those that aren't up to their standards.

Whether you're in need of a single photo, a few every now and then, or dozens each month, Dreamstime has the selection, value, and quality stock photos customers are looking for. We recommend them for your next stock photo purchase.

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3 stars


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From $1 to $30 per image

Crestock started in 2005 to provide customers with affordable stock photo options. The Crestock website is easy to use but didn't wow us with the quality of photographs within the 2.5 million image database. Some of the benefits of Crestock include a selection of celebrity photos as well as flexible payment options.

When searching through the photos at Crestock you may type in several key words either in the Creative tab or the Celebrity tab. We found no sub categories to help in our search. We also were disappointed to see that many of our searches had far fewer results than those found at websites ranked higher. Once results appear you may narrow the results by file type, photo sizes, image orientation, and additional sort results. Not only were the search results much smaller at Crestock but several of the available pictures were lower quality than we were looking for.

Crestock offers three flexible options to purchase their imagery. You may pay for photos individually based on size. Pictures start at $1 for X-Small and go up to $30 each for vectors. Another option is a subscription for either 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Crestock doesn't place daily limits on downloads but essentially allows for 600 purchases per month at an affordable $199. Each additional month is more affordable and provides access to download even additional photos at a per month basis. Prices at a per image price break down to $.25 to $.33 a piece when using the subscription method. Finally, Crestock offers a credit option for customers between 10 and 1000 credits. Prices start at $1 per credit and gradually become cheaper the more you purchase. Credits expire after one year from purchase.

For those looking for a load of affordable stock photos the Crestock subscription option is just that. We were less impressed with the quality of images at Crestock and found the database of options a bit redundant. If quality is your biggest concern, we recommend you shop a higher ranked company.

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However, not all stock photo companies are the same. When choosing a stock photo company to work with, you should consider a number of factors:

  • Selection. Having millions of stock photos available at one website improves the likelihood of finding the one you're looking for.
  • Price. Stock photo prices can vary greatly. Be aware of the average cost of each image before buying credits. Also, look for subscription and membership options if you need a large number of images.
  • Quality. Successful stock photography companies utilize high quality photos that will add value to your website and advertising. Look for companies that provide artistically high quality work to choose from. has reviewed and ranked the best stock photography providers available today. We hope these reviews help you find the right stock photos for your next project!

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