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      August 8, 2020

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Why itís Hard to Quit Smoking

Any former smoker will tell you that quitting isnít easy. A testament to that: The American Cancer Society says 70 percent of smokers want to quit but well over half of those that want to quit never even attempt to do so. That means out of 100 smokers that want to quit nearly 60 wonít even try.

Some say itís because quitting is so difficult and quitting for good often requires multiple attempts. In fact, if you were addicted to both heroine and nicotine, smoking would probably be more difficult of the two.

So, why is it so hard to quit?

The simple answer is nicotine addiction, but it is not so simple. Itís two-fold. There is physical addiction and psychological addiction.

Physical Addiction
Nicotine is naturally occurring drug in tobacco. When you inhale smoke from a cigarette, nicotine spreads throughout the body and messes up the link between nerve cells. This communication breakdown between cells causes you to have a relaxing feeling. When that feeling passes the body craves the feeling again, craves the nicotine, so you want to smoke more. Like drinking alcohol, the more you smoke the more your tolerance builds and more cigarettes are needed to get, and sustain, that buzz.

While trying to quit the physical addiction will cause nicotine withdrawal. The absence of nicotine will cause your body to react with symptoms such as:

  • Impatience or Irritability
  • Trouble sleeping and Fatigue
  • Depression, Anxiety or Hostility
  • Difficulty Concentrating

Psychological Addiction
Over long periods of time as a smoker, a person will begin to use the buzz achieved by nicotine to either mask pain or sorrow and help deal with unpleasant situations or improve and add to the enjoyment of other activities.

If physical addiction were the only issue, there may be a higher success rate for quitting. But dealing with physical dependence and the psychological addiction simultaneously can be overwhelming. Because cigarettes can be used as an aide, this tool for coping, the attachment is stronger. These addictions take such a hold on people that the FDA says an astonishing 50 percent of people who survive surgery for lung cancer due to smoking will reach for a cigarette during recovery.

Smoking becomes linked to so many day to day routines that quitting can affect every part of your life. Talking on the phone, finishing a meal, having a beer or morning coffee, driving, winding down after a long day are all things that may prompt the desire to smoke. And getting angry, frustrated, scared or embarrassed can do the same thing.

Should You Stop Smoking Cannabis Because Of COVID-19?

This article was originally published on The Cannigma, and appears here with permission. COVID-19 is not an equal opportunity virus. Some groups, particularly the elderly, are ...

Published:  Wed, 05 Aug 2020 08:11:00 GMT

Stop promoting smoking

Smoking and the consumption of tobacco products are harmful for health and our surrounding environment. It is not possible for the government to ...

Published:  Tue, 04 Aug 2020 11:35:00 GMT

Here is How Smoking Increases Your Risk of Hip Fracture

Hip fractures are associated with significant morbidity and mortality in smokers with lung disease, but whether lungaspecific factors are associated with fracture risk is unknown," said study authors ...

Published:  Thu, 06 Aug 2020 04:34:00 GMT

Are you trying to quit smoking weed? CBD might help you avoid lighting up, study says | Charlotte Observer

Just how much of the ingredient is needed to be effective against marijuana use disorder was unknown until now.

Published:  Thu, 30 Jul 2020 12:23:00 GMT

Though concerned about COVID-19, cigar smokers are smoking more, survey finds

An online survey involving nearly 800 cigar smokers found while the majority of the people surveyed intended to quit smoking due to concerns about elevated health risks if they contracted COVID-19, ...

Published:  Wed, 05 Aug 2020 00:31:00 GMT

Group-based smoking cessation treatment helps incarcerated smokers quit tobacco

Behavioral and nicotine replacement therapies offered together can help people who are incarcerated quit smoking, according to Rutgers researchers. The study published in the American Journal of Men's ...

Published:  Thu, 30 Jul 2020 15:51:00 GMT

Government imposed the smoking ban to free up 16 ICU beds: Tobacco company

In its court arguments, Batsa said that Cogta's own estimation is that the smoking ban would lead to around only one million smokers quitting. This is the maximum number of people the ban would ...

Published:  Fri, 07 Aug 2020 14:18:00 GMT

Vaping law came too late to stop youth uptake - researcher

"That's a long time for habits to be formed and for perceptions that this is a less risky product to still be part of the perception of young people." Promotions, social media influencers and festival ...

Published:  Fri, 07 Aug 2020 16:17:00 GMT

Group-based smoking cessation help US inmates quit tobacco

Behavioral and nicotine replacement therapies offered together can help people who are incarcerated quit smoking, according to Rutgers researchers.

Published:  Thu, 30 Jul 2020 13:27:00 GMT

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