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How to Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is easy; I've done it a thousand times. - Mark Twain

While this quote is amusing it is also a truth that many people deal with daily. For some, trying to quit smoking can be a never-ending cycle of starting and stopping. You may be in the same boat. You go from the patch to the gum to the next product... You know the routine. There are dozens of different methods and hundreds of products for quitting smoking. How do you know what will work? What is best for you? It can be difficult to know. Some methods include:

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Other Methods

Other things that are helpful with breaking the habit are to stay hydrated, try to avoid other smokers, and keep active. Also changing up other routines can help too. Eat different foods at different restaurants, take a different way to work, drink tea instead of morning coffee. Try replacing the cigarette with something else like some nuts or other healthy snack. Instead of going to your smoke break at work, play a game of solitaire.

Because most people don't quit on their first attempt (or second) it is important to not get discouraged if you have a setback. It takes sustained commitment to successfully break the cycle and quit smoking. Think of it this way: sticking with a new workout routine or trying to sustain eating a healthful diet are not easy tasks either. But once you really want to make the change it becomes easier. That is not a perfect analogy but it keys in on a very important part of changing a habit. You have to WANT to make the change.

Whether you are going to try quitting cold turkey or going to use a patch, try e-cigs or get hypnotized, the first step is the most important. Once you want to quit and decide you're going to quit, take action. Like with many people it may not happen on your first or even second attempt. But if you don't try, if you back away from the precipice, it will be that much easier to back away the next time too. The information here is by no means an exhaustive list of ways to quit smoking. Looking online is a good way to compare products and methods and to read other people's success stories. What works for other people may work for you too.

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