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      March 23, 2019

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Stress Relief 101: Take Time for Yourself

Stress can make you feel overwhelmed and it can zap the joy out of activities that you once enjoyed and looked forward to. It can make you a hard person to live with and it can drive your family members away from you. But you don’t have to let stress take over your life. In fact, stress relief can be as simple as taking a little time for yourself.

The way we react to stressful situations has a lot to do with our mindset. We’ve all had days that where we just can’t handle any more and the least little thing sends us spiraling out of control. Then again, we’ve all had days where it seems like we’re on top of the world. Nothing can get us down and there isn’t anything that we can’t tackle. If you want more of the latter, simply taking time out of your hectic day for yourself is all that is needed.

Simplify Stress Relief

So many of us today are on medications that help us deal with stress. While medications can be helpful, they only work to mask the problem at hand. To enjoy true relief from stress you need to change your mindset. To do this, you need to build up your whole self and this starts with taking care of you. Here are just a few things that you can do to nurture your mind and body while at the same time relieving stress:

  • Meditate – Take a few minutes each day to relax your body. Go to a quiet room, relax your muscles, and breathe deeply. Concentrate on good thoughts only.
  • Sleep – The human body needs sleep to function at its best. Make sure that you get at least 8 hours of continuous sleep each night.
  • Eat right and exercise – Nutrition and exercise are vital for maintaining a healthy mental outlook. Avoid foods high in sugars as these can make you tired and groggy which will further hinder your stress handling abilities.
  • Say no to caffeine – Stimulants like caffeine can make it harder to stay calm through stressful situations.
  • Breaks – Make sure that you take several small breaks throughout the work day. This will help you refocus and give you a renewed energy to tackle the task at hand.
  • Keep a journal – Writing in journal will help you get negative thoughts out of your body and onto paper where they will look less reasonable. Sometimes simply writing a problem out on paper makes it seem not so bad.

As you can see, stress relief is not that difficult if you just take a little time out for yourself each day. Be sure to set aside time each day so that you can enjoy your favorite activities and let your family know that you will not be available during this time. Try it for a week. You might be surprised by how much taking as little as 30 minutes for yourself each day plays a part in stress relief.

A new crop of stress toys is here to take over where fidget spinners left off

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Stress-busting foods

Above all, avoid junk food, fatty meat, fried and spicy foods Besides diet, there are other factors which help in Stress Management like : "¢ Aim to workout 30 - 40 mins 4 times a week and ...

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Family Life | The importance of stress relief

Login to shop for Deals and books or to chat. Today's article comes from UI Extension intern Kyle Dickey: Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but it doesn't have to overwhelm you. While you are ...

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Worry management expert offers 4 ways to cope with stress

Have you ever wondered how we can go from fantastic to failure-in a blink of an eye "Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to stress, because we allow our thoughts to control ...

Published:  Thu, 21 Mar 2019 13:19:00 GMT

Leighton Meester uses CBD balm for stress relief - here's how you can use it for self-care too

If you're like the editors at Yahoo Lifestyle, your social media feeds have been taken over by all things CBD (short for cannabidiol). Derived from the cannabis plant, this compound is being ...

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Interview - How "˜toxic stress' affects Syrian children

Does the stress of war affect children in other ways ... caregivers are safely moved to Damascus December - Emergency relief programme launched to address the urgent needs of children in ...

Published:  Fri, 22 Mar 2019 18:43:00 GMT

Brings Plenty: Knowing your Enneagram can help with stress-relief

The Enneagram is a specific system of personality tests designed to help you learn more about yourself. The system is simple; it's based on a nine-type wheel. All can find a little bit of themselves ...

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9 Ways You Can Use Anxiety and Stress to Fuel Your Productivity

The solution may be as simple as getting more organized or learning to develop an amazing time management strategy. Then, there's chronic stress due to tragic situations like poverty, a broken family, ...

Published:  Fri, 22 Mar 2019 13:41:00 GMT

Stress management workshops offered in Tomah, Sparta

The Monroe County Health Department is sponsoring a four-week "Taking Care of You" workshop series in both Tomah and Sparta. The Tomah sessions are consecutive Wednesdays starting April 10 ...

Published:  Wed, 20 Mar 2019 15:24:00 GMT

Doggie dispatch! Scottsdale police welcome stress-relief dog to department

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) --The dispatch center at the Scottsdale Police Department has welcomed a new dog to its unit in hopes of lowering stress, promoting relaxation and encouraging camaraderie. ...

Published:  Wed, 13 Mar 2019 21:17:00 GMT

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