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      November 28, 2020

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When Stress Requires Medical Attention


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When Stress Requires Medical Attention

For the most part, people handle stress pretty well when it comes in moderate doses. For some, though, stress can become overwhelming and lead to several health problems and may even cause death. For these people, seeking medical attention is a must.

We all know what it’s like to feel stressed. It can be unbearable at times. It can leave us feeling exhausted, useless and hopeless. In most cases of severe stress, though, these feelings are only temporary and the episode of stress passes away once the stressor is eliminated. But what happens if the stress isn’t eliminated and someone has to deal with stress over a prolonged period of time?

Continued stress can cause and contribute to several serious conditions and illnesses including heart disease, substance abuse, cancer, ulcers, diabetes, depression, memory loss, obesity, anorexia nervosa, and may even lead to abuse. But it doesn’t have to. There are many professionals that can help you figure out stress relief techniques that will realistically work in your life.

When Seeking Help Is a Must

While choosing to seek medical help for your stress is normally a personal decision, there are certain signs that should not be ignored. If you or a loved one has any of these feelings or thoughts about their stress, you need to seek medical attention.

  • Health concerns – If you feel like stress is causing you to have health problems or is exacerbating previous health concerns, you need to talk to your doctor about it. As mentioned before, stress can make these problems worse.
  • Hopeless feelings – If you feel like things are hopeless or that the stress will never end, you should seek help.
  • Substance abuse – Changes in behavior like the increased use of substances should not be ignored. Even an unnatural increase in appetite could be a sign of something more serious.
  • Desperate thoughts – If you have thoughts of suicide, quitting your job, running away or doing anything that is not in your nature, you need to seek help immediately.
  • Depression – If you have been depressed, sad, or crying for an extended period of time, it could be caused by stress.
  • Patterns – Changes in sleeping and eating patterns may only seem like annoying hindrances, but they are in fact a sign that something more serious is going on. If stress is affecting your life on these fundamental levels, you need to do something about it.

Seeking help for stress can be a hard step to take. You may feel like you can handle the situation or that people will think that you are weak if you admit that you can’t. While there are some things that you can do to eliminate stress on your own, once stress gets overwhelming and takes control of your life, professional help is often needed. And you should not feel weak for needing help. In fact, it takes a very strong person to recognize and admit that help is needed.

Chicago man pioneers new pandemic stress-relief technique: Jumping into a lake every day

A Chicago artist named Dan O'Conor has been documenting himself jumping into Lake Michigan as a form of daily pandemic stress relief since June.

Published:  Tue, 24 Nov 2020 10:25:00 GMT

Mailbag: Peace of mind is stress relief

It is universally acknowledged that stress management plays a major part in health maintenance. As we see people grappling with the stress of the pandemic, the election, mounting monthly bills for ...

Published:  Wed, 18 Nov 2020 09:15:00 GMT

NE 61 Day Challenge: Meditation for stress management

As this pandemic brings new stress to just about everyone, Cloud9 Online Chief Operating Officer Henry Edinger said it more important than ever to mediate ...

Published:  Wed, 25 Nov 2020 09:23:00 GMT

Kramberger: Virtual events are a good way to ease pandemic stress

It's hard to keep a positive outlook faced with ongoing pandemic restrictions, cancelled in-person activities, repeated calls to respect social distancing in the midst of daily reports of positive ...

Published:  Fri, 27 Nov 2020 10:18:35 GMT

Student Activities to offer stress management activities during finals

The University of Connecticut office of Student Activities says they are seeking to provide students with a way to manage their stress during finals season.

Published:  Fri, 20 Nov 2020 01:00:00 GMT

Yellen Selection, Central Bank Stress, Trade Relief: Eco Day

Welcome to Tuesday, Americas. Here's the latest news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help you start the day: President-elect Joe Biden's selection of Janet Yellen as Treasury secretary ...

Published:  Tue, 24 Nov 2020 04:11:00 GMT

PAWS for Stress Relief going virtual

One of SUNY Cortland's beloved end-of-semester traditions is going virtual in 2020. PAWS for Stress Relief is moving to Instagram. All members of the campus community are invited to participate. To ...

Published:  Wed, 18 Nov 2020 11:01:00 GMT

Pizza Hut's Pan Pizza Weighted Blanket Delivers Deep Sleep and Stress Relief

Instead of stress eating pizza this holiday season, you can achieve the same feeling of bliss thanks to Pizza Hut's Original Pan Pizza weighted blanket. It was developed in partnership with Gravity ...

Published:  Wed, 18 Nov 2020 10:49:00 GMT

Finding Stress & Pain Relief at Appalachian Acupuncture

Bonni Wollard, office manager, and Michelle Bouton, L.A.c. tell us about Appalachian Acupuncture and how their services are helping people all over the region.For more information visit ...

Published:  Thu, 19 Nov 2020 07:38:00 GMT

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