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Meditation: A Great Tool for Stress Relief

Meditation has the power to heal all sorts of woes including stress. The power of the mind is truly an amazing thing and meditation has been linked to more than a few miraculous medical breakthroughs. Even doctors do not completely understand the mind's power to heal the body but they will agree that the mind plays a major role in our overall physical health. And if the mind has all of this power to heal our bodies, wouldn't that mean that it can also rid us of stress?

Put simply meditation is the practice of bringing together all of your mind's energies and focusing them on one chosen point. This point can be an image, a symbol, a sound, or anything that brings you comfort. Often one's own breathing is used as the source of concentration. This is done in a quiet environment that is free of distractions.

It has been proven that stress hormones that are found in the body actually decrease during meditation. And if meditation is practiced often, the stress relief is continuous meaning that the stress-reducing benefits of meditation will be felt throughout the day.

Meditation for Stress Relief: Steps to Follow

As mentioned before, in order to meditate you need to choose a quiet place that is free from distraction. Choose a time that you are home alone or go to an outdoor spot that is tranquil and inviting. Let your family know that you are not to be disturbed during this time.

The best stress relief is felt if you try to meditate at least two times a day. The best times are usually before breakfast and dinner when your stomach is empty and your mind and body is not concentrating on food digestion. These are also great regrouping times to get your thoughts together so that you can relieve stress and increase production for the tasks ahead. Another great time is immediately before bed. Meditating before sleep will allow you to drift off worry and stress free.

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