March 23, 2018

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Questions To Ask Tax Relief Agencies

The only thing worse than owing back taxes is having a so-called tax-relief agency rob you blind without providing anything resembling actual tax relief.

Most consumers feel intimidated when it comes to dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, so they seek out professional help from a tax-relief agency. The problem with this strategy is that not all tax-relief agencies are created equal. Some are staffed by qualified professionals who can truly help a taxpayer, while others simply exist to scam consumers out of money.

So how do consumers tell the difference between the two? The first important step is to make sure to ask the right questions to any tax relief agency one is considering using.

One question that can be asked is whether anyone at the agency is certified through the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, or ASTPS. A non-profit agency, ASTPS consists of professionals who represent taxpayers before the IRS. It only gives certification to agents who are able to pass a written exam, provide evidence they have experience in the tax industry and be a licensed certified public accountant or tax attorney.

Another question to ask is if the agency is able to provide references from prior clients who used and were satisfied with the service they received there. In addition to references, search for independent reviews of the tax relief agency. Professional reviews can guide a person to tax relief companies that are the most beneficial.

Itís also is worthwhile to check the Better Business Bureauís website to see if the company has had any complaints lodged against it, and if so, of what nature. Using a company which is a member of the Better Business Bureau can be to a consumerís benefit should there be issues with the service received by that company. The BBB will intervene to work out a solution.

Ask about the companyís fee structure and be sure to get it in writing. A common complaint about some tax-relief agencies is they say one thing when it comes to their fees, and then employ other tactics once the customer has been reeled in. The Federal Trade Commission advises that agencies which require up-front payment should be avoided.

Tax relief helps Wyo. families

There is more good news every day about the once-in-a-generation tax relief law Congress passed in late December. While traveling across Wyoming these past few months, I've heard firsthand from local families and businesses how this law is helping them.

Published:  Thu, 22 Mar 2018 10:03:00 GMT

Education firms wasting millions thanks to R&D tax relief blind spot

Firms in the education sector are throwing away millions of pounds a year because more than half could be eligible for tax relief on their bright ideas, specialist tax relief firm Catax revealed today. In total, 58% of education businesses have developed ...

Published:  Thu, 22 Mar 2018 05:57:00 GMT

Deadline Approaching for Tax Relief Applicants

Albemarle County offers real estate tax relief for certain elderly and/or permanently disabled persons. If you received tax relief last year, the renewal certification filing deadline is April 2, 2018. Although the deadline for first-time applicants is ...

Published:  Mon, 19 Mar 2018 10:09:00 GMT

Bostelman: Committed to real property tax relief this session

The legislature has less than 15 days left of this short 60 day session. The focus for the remainder of session will be on debate of priority legislation and passage of the budget bills. The package of budget bills include LB944, LB945 and LB946.

Published:  Tue, 20 Mar 2018 22:05:00 GMT

Dayton spending plan aims for tax relief for many Minnesotans

Gov. Mark Dayton proposed tax relief for two million Minnesotans Friday, as part of a broader proposal to increase state spending on schools, infrastructure, opioid treatment and protections for vulnerable adults. "Individual Minnesotans did not receive ...

Published:  Fri, 16 Mar 2018 14:45:00 GMT

Despite relief from SC, Aadhaar still mandatory for income-tax returns

22 Mar 2018: Despite relief from SC, Aadhaar still mandatory for income-tax returns It has been 10 days since the SC indefinitely extended the deadline for linking Aadhaar to various services, but the Income Tax (I-T) website continues to grossly violate laws.

Published:  Thu, 22 Mar 2018 01:34:00 GMT

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