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CuraDebt is a well established company that specializes in providing tax relief services for outstanding tax debts of $10,000 or more. CuraDebt has offered a variety of financial solutions since 1996 and are experts in debt negotiation, debt settlement, and debt arbitration services to both individuals and small businesses.

To assist with tax relief, CuraDebt offers their customers a free, confidential tax debt savings estimate over the phone. This consultation provides CuraDebt the information needed to estimate just how much money they can save their customer. The process starts with completing CuraDebt's online form - using a valid phone number and email address. With your initial call, you'll be assigned a friendly, experienced counselor to help guide you through the process. This person develops a knowledge of your personal financial situation and works with you to create a comprehensive solution to meet your needs.

Your CuraDebt financial counselor and the rest of their tax team are available throughout the process. They work directly with the IRS to resolve your tax issues. This is a great benefit, since the IRS may come back with questions or documentation requirements. Having a familiar, knowledgeable financial expert, backed with a solid team ready to assist, will reduce your stress and worry.

The actual tax relief process is simple and straightforward. If your case qualifies, CuraDebt will perform an IRS tax investigation which consists of getting the IRS on the phone and getting a complete detailed of all current and past filing requirements, issues, and pending tax problems. Based on the IRS information, your unique financial situation, and your financial profile, CuraDebt will outline a complete tax relief solution for all your tax issues.

Once you approve the tax relief plan, you'll complete some simple paperwork along with a POA (Power of Attorney) which allows CuraDebt's tax team to get started. There are a variety of options that they can use for your benefit. Some of these include:

  • Release of garnishment or lien
  • Offer in compromise
  • Correcting previously filed returns (often to a great tax benefit to you)
  • Tax preparation
  • Penalty abatement
  • Non-collectible status (where the IRS postpones any collection activities)
  • Installment agreements
  • Streamlined installment agreements

In addition to tax relief, CuraDebt offers debt negotiation and debt settlement assistance. They help educate and advise their customers with debt consolidation plans, debt management plans, consumer credit counseling, and more. Their team of trained professionals are knowledgeable about each of these services, and can review the best options with you.

If you have tax debts totaling $10,000 or more, CuraDebt offers a terrific tax relief service. They are experts in both Federal and State tax laws, and do a great job of helping their customers get back on their feet. For tax relief services, CuraDebt earns our highest rating.

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Community Tax Relief is a Chicago based company that has been in the tax relief business since 2010. They currently hold an A- Better Business Bureau rating and work with clients in all 50 states. We liked that this company is very transparent with the officers of the company and their respective backgrounds. It really says something about a financial resolution company if they are willing to publish the names of the top decision makers and their history. Community Tax Relief employs a number of CPA's, lawyers, tax specialists and more to work through complex IRS issues.

This company makes the tax relief process simple with a two step program. After speaking with a representative at Community Tax Relief the customer will enter into the "Investigation" stage where Community Tax Relief dives deep into a persons financial status to best understand what solution will work best given the IRS's requirements. They will also file a Power of Attorney with the IRS or state tax office to allow them the option of speaking for their client. The second step named "Tax Preparation and Resolution" includes the preparation of the proposal and then the submission to IRS or state tax authority on the customers behalf. If the proposal is accepted, Community Tax Relief will inform their client. Customers have the option of getting status updates and checking in, throughout the process.

The method in which this company will choose to tackle a tax debt is determined by each financial situation. But, Community Tax Relief has a long list of services available to handle just about any situation. Some of those include Offer in Compromise, Installment, Traditional Installment, Streamlined Installment, Conditional Expense Installment, Stair Step Installment, Partial Pay Installment, Currently Not Collectible, and Penalty Abatement.

Community Tax Relief has only been in the business for 3 years but has a staff of experts with impressive backgrounds. We liked the professionalism of this company, the transparent information, strong BBB rating and easy to understand two step process to resolving outstanding debt.

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The founders of the Tax Defense Partners (TDP) have been in the tax relief business since 1998. They are a member the California Better Business Bureau and provide assistance to customers in all 50 states. Their portfolio of services run the gamut and include Offer in Compromise, Garnishments, Levies, Delinquent Tax Returns, Investment Fraud Representation, IRS Payment Plans, and more.

Customer service is an important aspect of TDP and that is demonstrated in the positive response they've received from prior customers. Also, one of their founders, Michael Rozbruch, started the Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition that was created to help protect consumers from shady tax relief company.

Tax Defense Partners provides a straightforward process when bringing on a client and resolving their tax debt issues. Their process includes:

  • Free consultation - access your financial situation to determine the best course of action.
  • Retain Tax Resolution Services - agree to the terms of the contract and sign over Power of Attorney to company.
  • The Assignment of a Case Manager - each customer receives a go-to person that will work with them throughout the process. Employees are either CPA's, tax attorneys, or enrolled agents.
  • Compliance - Tax Resolution Services will work with you to file any delinquent tax returns.
  • Negotiation - the company will issue a plan of resolution to the IRS.
  • Review - Tax Defense Partners will review the final resolution received from the IRS to make sure it's what was agreed and resolve any issues. This company will also provide advice on how to stay out of trouble with the IRS going forward.

We were impressed with Tax Defense Partners in many ways. Their service history, knowledgeable employees, case manager assignment, and focus on the customer made them stand out.

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National Tax Relief has been providing tax relief services for over 15 years. They assist customers in all 50 States with their IRS tax challenges that are $7500 or more. This company customizes their tax relief efforts based on each individual situation. What this company lacks in a savvy website they make up for in experience.

To get started with National Tax Relief, the company provides a free and confidential consultation to best understand the situation. National tax Relief will then send a written proposal by email, mail or fax with an explanation of the program the customer qualifies for. The proposal will also contain a quote that will specifically detail what National Tax Relief will provide and how much their services will cost.

Some of the services that National Tax Relief can provide include:

  • Offer in Compromise - National Tax Relief works to negotiation down the outstanding tax balance with the IRS, when the situation warrants, and significantly reduce the balance of the taxes due.
  • Payment Plans - National Tax Relief can establish payment plans with the IRS, for their clients, to spread the taxes due across a longer period of time. National Tax Relief attempts to reduce the outstanding balance and then request that payments are made in lieu of an expensive lump sum payment.
  • Penalty Abatement - For those that have been assessed with interest and penalties on outstanding taxes, National Tax Relief works with the IRS to reduce or eliminate those fees.
  • Professional Representation - Are services available through National Tax Relief to represent your case with the IRS and allow the customer to feel a professional is in their corner.
  • Tax Lien Releases - If the IRS has placed a tax lien on your property, National Tax Relief can work to have that lien lifted and then settle the outstanding balance.

The professionals at National Tax Relief are tax attorneys and enrolled agents that are experts in IRS laws and regulations. They know how the IRS works and what is required to resolve outstanding balances. National's strategy is different for each individual situation and how they believe the IRS will interpret their ability to pay and how much they will be willing to negotiate.

National Tax Relief is a BBB member. At the time of this review, they had no reported customer complaints. If you're not satisfied with National Tax Relief's effort, you have 15 days, prior to completion of work to request a refund. Any work completed toward the effort will be reduced from that return.

For people mounted in tax debt, National Tax Relief is a strong option to consider. Their industry knowledge, professional customer service team and history of IRS negotiates makes them stand out from other companies.

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Freedom Tax Relief opened doors in 2003 and assists customers with $10,000 or more of IRS debts. This California based business has an A- BBB rating which means they've historically done a good job of resolving customer complaints.

Freedom provides a four part approach to resolving IRS issues:

  • Free Consultation to understand the financial situation and identify the best solution for that person. If Freedom Tax Relief is interested in the case they will email the proposed solution.
  • Begin working with the IRS right away. The company will also act to resolve any levy or garnishment that may have been put in place, prior to their effort.
  • Customer sends all of the required documents so that Freedom may complete the tax resolution documents.
  • Present the offer to the IRS. Freedom's tax attorneys and specialists will manage all correspondence and negotiations with the tax authority.

Some of the services available at Freedom Tax Relief include Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreements, Removing levies and garnishments, Filing Late Taxes, Currently Not Collectible, Tax Abatement and more. Each customers financial picture is different and therefore Freedom will attempt to match the best solution with each individual.

The website doesn't outline when and where the client is presented with their any costs. We'd highly recommend the customer ask for that information upfront, and get the details in writing to avoid any confusion.

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911 Tax Relief, a California based company, is new to the industry. The company opened doors in 2010 and employs skilled tax professionals, licensed agents and staff members to assist individuals and businesses, in all 50 states, with their tax problems totaling $10,000 or more. 911 Tax Relief says the core values of the company include integrity, honesty, customer service and handwork.

The 911 Tax Relief website was "busy" to say the least. We had a tough time concentrating given the continuous stream of data rolling across the screen. The website appearance lacks the professionalism we would expect with a company of this nature.

911 Tax Relief is a Better Business Bureau Member and at the time of review they only had 1 customer complaint during their short tenure.

The process of assisting customers starts with a free phone call to discuss each individual situation. Information is gathered and then shared with enrolled tax agents to determine next steps in resolving the tax issue. 911 Tax Relief will confirm with the IRS the current outstanding tax balance and look for any discrepancies before moving forward. The company will then provide to the customer their recommended course of action and the fees that have already accrued. If the client agrees to the suggested course of action 911 Tax Relief will move forward with their efforts. Upon settlement, the final step is for the company to give the individual pointers on how to stay current with the IRS going forward.

911 Tax Relief brings only a few years of experience to the table. We also had concern with the professionalism of the website and the process they provide customers. We felt that customers should be aware of the fees, upfront, before allowing this company to "accrue" any expenses before discussing the plan of action. Overall, we would have liked to have seen a more customer focused company.

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Tax Relief

Tax Relief has become a focus for many people all across the country. Challenging economic times have dramatically increased the number of people with outstanding tax debts. The stress of owing the IRS and state tax authorities can be overwhelming, and threats to seize assets or garnish wages can only compound the seriousness of the situation.

Tax relief companies are often an effective solution to help people get out of their serious tax problems. Tax Relief companies work with their client's outstanding tax debts and in some cases can significantly reduce their tax debt. An expert tax relief company has many options available at their disposal, including validation of tax debt and negotiating with the IRS and state tax authorities in order to reduce the overall tax burden.

A number of different tax relief companies exist today that offer to work with people to reduce their tax debt. However, finding an effective and reliable tax relief company is easier said than done. Before choosing a tax relief service, you should consider a number of factors:

  • Reputation. How long has the Tax Relief company been in business? Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau or other 3rd party rating organization? Do they have a solid reputation of serving their customers?
  • Fees. What does the Tax Relief company charge for their services? When can you expect to be billed?
  • Process. What can you expect as far as resolving your tax problems? Is someone available from the Tax Relief company for questions and issues? has reviewed and ranked the best Tax Relief companies in business today. We hope these reviews help you find the right tax relief company to get your finances back on track!

What Is Tax Relief And How Do I Qualify?

At some point in time in your life, you may find yourself in need of tax relief. Maybe you've lost your job and are struggling to make ends meet, or maybe you've experienced an unforeseen medical issue that has drained what little bit of money you managed to put aside in savings.

Whatever the reason, tax relief exists to help those who need it most. That relief extends to monies owed to the Internal Revenue Service.

The Internal Revenue Service itself has established numerous tax-relief programs designed to assist taxpayers who have become delinquent in what they owe the federal government.

One of the most popular tax-relief programs the IRS offers is called an Offer in Compromise.

An Offer in Compromise, also known as an OIC, allows taxpayers to settle their debt for less than the full amount that is owed if they can prove that paying in full would cause a financial hardship for them. The Internal Revenue Service has loosened the eligibility requirements for the OIC program, so that more people can take advantage of it.

Qualified candidates for this option must meet specific criteria as determined by the IRS, and must provide documentation supporting their ability to pay, income level, current expenses and asset equity. Anyone who currently is in the process of bankruptcy does not qualify for this option. According to information provided by the IRS, it received nearly 60,000 requests for Offer in Compromise agreements within the last four years.

Another popular course of action is for taxpayers to enter into what is known as an installment agreement with the IRS. Taxpayers who agree to an installment repayment plan are seen as being in compliance, and the IRS is less likely to take a harsher course of action to recover back taxes. The only downside to an installment plan is that interest continues to accrue on the total amount owed while taxpayers are making payments, similar to what happens when a person makes only the minimum payment on a full credit card balance.

Another option - which is reserved only for those who truly qualify - is called the Currently Not Collectible program.

In order to qualify for this program, taxpayers must be able to prove to the Internal Revenue Service that paying any owed taxes would create an extreme hardship for the taxpayer. The taxpayer must show that they are unable to pay the taxes owed now or in the future. If this is an option you wish to pursue, it is best to seek out the help of a qualified tax professional to guide you through the process.

The IRS has a form specifically for this purpose, called the 433-F. Following a review of the information provided on the form, the IRS can grant the Currently Not Collectible status, which will be reviewed every year. After 10 years, if the IRS still deems the taxpayer to be qualified for this status, it will become permanent, and annual reviews will cease.

Contacting a qualified tax relief agency can be a great first step to identifying the best course of action to take for individuals who find themselves in need of tax relief. They have the knowledge and experience to determine the best course of action unique to each individual.


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