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Tax Relief in New Hampshire

When considering various dimensions of tax collection, New Hampshire's statistics vary widely. On the one hand, New Hampshire collects a flat rate of 5% on personal income, but restricts that collection to dividend and interest income only. This results in an average state income tax collection of only $63 per person, ranking the state 8th lowest in the nation.

On the other hand, New Hampshire residents pay an average of $2,518 per person in property taxes each year, the third-highest amount in the United States. These high property taxes can leave people wondering how to meet their tax obligation while still paying for more immediate, urgent needs. Keeping the utilities turned on, putting food on the table, and sending in the monthly rent or mortgage check usually takes priority to setting aside money for a once- or twice-a-year property tax payment.

With respect to federal income taxes, New Hampshire sees a state average of $11,338 per person, just $408 less than the national average. This is in contrast to New Hampshire having the highest median household income level in America, with an average of $71,322. However, state residents have felt the economic downturn that has impacted the rest of the country, as that median household income represents a 6.1% decline in recent years.

For those New Hampshire residents for whom tax debt poses a challenge, tax relief is a strategy that is gaining popularity as a means of managing financial struggles. As individuals find themselves facing significant amounts of money owed to federal and state tax authorities, tax relief companies can provide an alternative to that stress and can even help significantly reduce residents' overall tax burdens. Experts in tax relief can help clients navigate the available options, including establishment of payment plans with the IRS, tax levy investigation, and amending prior years' tax returns.


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Tax Relief In The News

Property tax relief alternative would increase sales tax

On Day 6 of the 2018 Legislature's 90-day session, its tax reform battle lines began to take shape. A comprehensive tax reform package that would hike the state sales tax rate by one-half cent ...

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Senate Republicans propose tax relief with marijuana revenue

Revenue from the potential legalization of marijuana in New York would be committed to tax relief in a plan unveiled on Tuesday morning by Senate Republicans. The "Real Solutions" agenda ...

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IRS Offers Some Penalty Relief For Taxpayers Who Didn't Withhold Enough In 2018

To ease the burden on taxpayers, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has advised that penalty relief may be available. While we joke about writing big checks on Tax Day, taxpayers typically pay their t...

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COLUMN: Property tax relief Don't count on it

Meaningful property tax relief has little chance in the upcoming session of Nebraska's Legislature. What that says about representative democracy in our state is less clear. If we know only one thing ...

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Ricketts focuses on property tax relief, frugal government

Gov. Pete Ricketts this week zeroed in on additional property tax relief and new workforce development initiatives along with the need to continue to adhere to a frugal state budget as he outlined ...

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Ricketts: Property tax relief key goal for 2019

Tax relief was a highlight of Gov. Pete Ricketts' State of the State address during a visit to Grand Island Tuesday. After addressing the state Legislature in Lincoln, Ricketts toured the state, with ...

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Seaboard Corp. makes exclusive appeal to Kansas Senate for tax relief

An executive with agriculture and transportation giant Seaboard Corp. said Wednesday investment in Kansas jobs could be at stake if the Legislature declined to change state tax law to accommodate comp...

Published:  Wed, 16 Jan 2019 11:55:00 GMT

Gov. Ricketts calls for constitutional amendment to limit growth in local property tax revenues

"Property tax relief is the No. 1 priority Nebraskans want as I travel the state," he told lawmakers in his annual State of the State speech. The proposal would fully fund state aid to schools at a co...

Published:  Tue, 15 Jan 2019 12:36:00 GMT

IRS to waive penalties for under-withholding after Trump tax changes

The tax law also suspended personal exemptions - tax reductions ... but said "more data from the IRS is needed to determine whether their action provides relief for a majority of taxpayers." "The long...

Published:  Wed, 16 Jan 2019 13:26:00 GMT

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