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      January 17, 2019

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Tax Relief in Arizona

Arizona MapThe accrual of tax debt is a problem in this country that many people know little about because it doesnít get discussed very much in the news. Even though it doesnít make the papers, there are thousands of people in Arizona who are being crushed financially because they owe back taxes to the state and federal government. These individuals usually are already suffering from serious financial hardship, and the tax debts are accumulating interest and becoming more and more difficult to pay off.

These situations are very difficult to resolve, because if someone canít pay their tax debt, they may have their wages garnished and eventually even have their property sold in service of the debt For those looking for tax relief, several companies exist today that have experience working with the IRS and Arizona tax authorities. In some cases, tax debts can be significantly reduced, or at least the person can be given temporary relief or more time to pay them off.

When a person owes taxes to the federal government, it is likely that they also owe taxes to the state government. With the help of a tax relief company, these people can work with the state government to come up with a monthly installment plan. In Arizona, the government may allow monthly payment plans that last up to 24 months. For them to approve this type of plan, the tax relief company will have to show them how paying the entire sum at once would be unreasonable for the taxpayer.

Another way that someone can get personal tax relief in Arizona is by applying for a temporary extension due to financial hardship. A tax relief company can help them apply for this extension with the state of Arizona, but they will need to have proof that they have significant financial hardship. This option may not reduce the overall tax debt, but it may give them more time and prevent garnishment of wages.


New tax forms being prepared to get state more money

In an announcement Thursday, the Department of Revenue acknowledges the forms and instructions it is crafting are based on the presumption that lawmakers eventually will agree to the governor's call t...

Published:  Fri, 11 Jan 2019 21:11:00 GMT

Arizona Tax Credits: Parent Aid

Parent Aid has been serving Pima County families since 1990, working to strengthen skills and partner with families to educate and support parents in meeting the emotional and physical needs of ...

Published:  Tue, 15 Jan 2019 09:00:00 GMT

Teachers' Union to Bring Back Plan to Tax the Rich If State Doesn't Fund Schools

The head of the Arizona teachers' union promised on Friday that if legislators don't act this year to adequately fund schools, advocates will likely try again to raise taxes on the wealthy. Joe Thomas ...

Published:  Fri, 11 Jan 2019 00:53:00 GMT

Ducey touts achievements; cites education and water as priorities as Arizona lawmakers get to work

"Breaking news," Ducey announced. "We now own this building again." As for taxes, "Arizona has weathered the storm," he said, adding that his administration has no intention of raising taxes. "Arizona...

Published:  Mon, 14 Jan 2019 17:10:00 GMT

Tax-hike plan from conservative changes school-funding debate

But it's probably worth another look out the window, just to check, now that a conservative Republican proposed raising taxes in Arizona. Sen. Sylvia Allen, the typically anti-tax lawmaker from Snowfl...

Published:  Fri, 11 Jan 2019 04:19:00 GMT

Federal tax changes could mean windfall for Arizona

Arizona is looking at a major windfall in the state budget as a result of the federal government's tax overhaul, but Gov. Doug Ducey and state lawmakers have different ideas about how the money should ...

Published:  Wed, 16 Jan 2019 03:23:00 GMT

These 2 questions will make or break Sen. Sylvia Allen's sales tax for schools

Leadership of the incoming Arizona Legislature says hyperpartisan bills won't see ... Sylvia Allen's proposal to refer to the 2020 ballot a full-penny tax to infuse extra money into K-12, universities ...

Published:  Wed, 09 Jan 2019 06:06:00 GMT

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