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      May 20, 2018

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Tax Relief in Indiana

Indiana MapIndiana residents tend to fare well across various measures of personal tax responsibility in comparison with the rest of the United States. For example, Indiana’s flat rate of 3.4% for individual income tax ranks 10th lowest in the nation among states that levy an individual tax. The total tax collected per person with respect to both state and local taxes is approximately $838 in a typical year, putting the state in 22nd place. Also, with an average of $971 in property taxes levied per capita, Indiana is the 15th lowest nationwide.

At the federal level, the average income tax per resident is $8.739, making Indiana the 38th lowest among the fifty states.

However, Indiana has not been immune to the decline in the median household income level across the country, experiencing a significant 11.5% drop to an average of $50,553 per resident. This decline in income, combined with individual job loss, medical expenses, and other unexpected circumstances have led a number of Indiana residents to seek tax relief, as they face challenges in meeting their tax obligations in light of financial struggles. These struggles can include living from one paycheck to another, using every last dollar to pay the mortgage or rent, to put food on the table, to keep the heat and water on, and even to pay for the gasoline necessary to get to work; it can be difficult to set aside savings for tax bills when there's barely enough - and sometimes not enough - for immediate needs.

Tax relief companies are able to utilize strategies of negotiated penalty abatement, audit representation and reconsideration, and tax return amendment and review, among others, to help clients get out of their tax debt problems. Indiana residents who are delinquent in tax payments can use tax relief strategies to eliminate the stress of owing the IRS and state tax authorities, and to reduce the likelihood of having wages garnished or assets seized.


Tax hike fuels jump in Indiana gas prices to highest since last year

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Indiana is heading into the Memorial Day weekend tied with California for the largest gas price increase - 66 cents a gallon - in the U.S. over the past year. The increase was partially driven by a 10-cent fuel tax increase the state's ...

Published:  Sat, 19 May 2018 13:17:00 GMT

Plan to hold line on taxes appreciated

On Monday the Indiana Area school board took a vote on preliminary action on the 2018-2019 budget. I am appreciative of the majority vote to attempt a budget with a zero percent tax increase. We were cautioned that this goal may not be achievable ...

Published:  Sat, 19 May 2018 22:16:00 GMT

Tax cuts: Have they benefited Indiana's economy

President Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Elkhart, Indiana, on Thursday night. - SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images In front of a crowd of roaring supporters in Indiana on Thursday night, President Donald Trump touched on a variety of issues, like his ...

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Pence turns attention to Texas school shooting ahead of Indiana tax reform event

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Vice President Mike Pence returns to Indiana to tout tax cuts

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Vice President Mike Pence will return to his home state Friday to tout GOP tax reform and hold a fundraiser. The vice president and his wife will visit with members of the Indiana National Guard 38th Infantry Division at Stout Field ...

Published:  Fri, 18 May 2018 14:24:00 GMT

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