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      April 25, 2019

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Tax Relief in Kentucky

Kentucky MapKentucky residents face significant challenges when considering the state’s statistics with respect to personal tax liability. A primary reason for these challenges is the sharp decline in the median household income: Kentucky’s median dropped sharply, by 18.5%, to $42,158. This places Kentucky with 44th lowest income level in the nation.

Because of its lower household income levels, Kentucky ranks 47th in the average amount of federal income tax collected per resident: $8,057, well below the national average of $11,715. Also, Kentucky has the 5th lowest property tax collection rate in the United States, with an average of $689 per resident.

However, despite its considerably lower income levels, Kentucky does rank 15th highest nationally with respect to state and local income taxes collected. In an average year, Kentucky collects $1,033 per person.

This combination of lower incomes and higher taxes, along with individual struggles with unemployment, medical bills, and other unforeseen events has resulted in a considerable number of Kentuckians with delinquent state and federal tax payments. It is hard to put money into savings to pay federal and state tax bills when there isn't even enough to pay for immediate needs of food, shelter, clothing, and transportation to work. Tax relief is becoming more popular as residents look for help in meeting their financial obligations.

Tax relief companies are structured so as to help clients address their tax struggles and avoid the pressure of owing the IRS and state tax authorities, along with the possibility of having assets seized or wages garnished. Experts in tax relief use a wide variety of methods to help clients with their delinquent taxes; some examples are a complete investigation of clients’ current financial status, preparing a resolution proposal for the IRS, and setting up a personalized payment plan for tax debt.


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Ky. Supreme Court rules that tax documents must be made public

The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that the state's Department of Revenue must make its rulings public. The ruling was made in the case of the Department of Revenue v. Mark F. Sommer. Sommer is a member ...

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Kentucky Supreme Court rules in favor of Frost Brown Todd open records tax case

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Ricketts vetoes sales tax bill to pay "Beatrice Six' debt

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