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      April 7, 2020

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Sips By Review

To help you find the Best Tea Clubs, provides you with an in-depth Sips By Review.

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Join the best Tea Club with Sips By Today! Who has the best Tea Club? Dating back to the Shang dynasty in the Yunnan region, where it likely started as a medicinal drink, tea has literally been around for thousands of years. Across various times and cultures, it has often been a uniting element bringing together some of the world's most brilliant, cultured, and passionate minds. In the 21st century, tea has nowhere near lost its relevance, and it continues to be the most consumed beverage world-wide, second only to water. With such extensive and wide-spread demand, the market has thankfully responded with a multitude of options, sure to satisfy tea beginners and connoisseurs alike.

Tea clubs provide an alluring avenue for tea drinkers of any level to either further cultivate their taste, or venture out of their comfort zone to explore assorted teas from all over the world. Gift a tea club to a loved one, or treat yourself to a delicious brewóthere's a whole world and history of tea to try, one sip at a time! With a tea club, each month will bring something either dependable, exciting, or just plain different, to try. And if you discover a new passion for tea, or a particular type of tea, you can likely continue to purchase more of it, with the click of a button.

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Sips By


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$15 per month Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Incorporating some of the best aspects of the several tea clubs reviewed, Sips By earns our highest rating by far. Founded as a female led start-up, Sips By offers affordable club options that are personalized, nuanced, and connected to over 150 tea brands world-wide. Additionally, Sips By continues to receiving glowing reviews and recommendations from both novice and devout tea-drinkers alike. We'll raise a mug to that!

Membership Overview:

  • Selection: 4 premium teas matched from over 150 tea brands around the world
  • Makes: 15+ cups (45+ cups resteeped)
  • Duration: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Shipping: Free

Arguably Sips By's most impressive feature is their simple yet thorough online quiz that helps determine your tea interests and potential flavor profile. While the majority of tea club boxes on the market take the liberty of choosing teas that are then delivered to tea club members, Sips By prioritizes the consumer's tastes when choosing which teas are included in your subscription box. This removes the stress of having to commit to a particular tea profile package, especially for anyone new to the tea world - and still creates an innovative way to guarantee customer satisfaction with the teas shipped. After enjoying a warm, delicious mug of tea (or two, or three!) the customer can even log back onto their profile with Sips By to rate the types delivered, in order help Sips By better curate future boxes sent.

Ultimately, the profile quiz asks only 9 questions of prospective customers, but the questions are notably comprehensive. From preferred tastes (do you like chocolate notes, citrus, floral, savory, spicy, malty, etc.?), to preferences for caffeinated vs decaf, to loose-leaf or bagged packaging, to types of tea (green, black, oolong, chai, iced, blends, etc.), to brew style, and finally frequency of consumption ("does tea run through your veins?"); Sips By considers it all. The consumer is also asked to also rate on a 1-5 styled scale how strong each preference is, assessing willingness to explore. If there are any dietary preferences, such as dairy-free, gluten-free, or certain allergies, those may also be indicated.

Sips By club boxes also arrive with steeping guides, biodegradable tea filters (as needed for loose leaf teas), and exclusive offers from other brands. And with free shipping guaranteed, customers end up paying only $0.75-$1 per cup of tea. Keep in mind, due to the carefully curated and personalized nature of Sips By's tea clubs, they unfortunately do not offer refunds for orders at this time. While we do wish this option was made more convenient for consumers, the requisite tailored and hand-crafted care needed for this kind of service, makes this an understandable limitation. However, if you still feel unsure committing to a Sips By Tea Club, try signing up for the 1-month, $15 plan-- which allows you to taste-test an order before expending any great cost or commitment. Now that's a brew we can do!

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Continued from above

You may feel out of your comfort zone and only ready to begin with the basic, tried and true tea options. Maybe you feel completely open, and simply want to test what the experts deem as quality. Perhaps you already know you enjoy the delightful citrus taste of various herbal blends, or the creamy and nutty version of earl greys, and you want to expand on those horizons. No matter what your particular position may be, we believe there's a tea club with your perfect sip, waiting for you.

Chain grocery stores and likely even local tea shops, won't begin to offer the same wide variety and premium selection as tea clubs. Many of the tea clubs we've reviewed even have particular values, ethics, and charitable contributions, that could speak not only to your taste buds, but to your very spirit. With source locations ranging from India, the Middle East, China, South America, Japan, and Sri Lanka, your taste will be opened to so much more than local shops or chains can offer.

With such high demand, and a broad and expansive marketplace to choose from, it's no wonder tea clubs consider to rise in popularity. However, the tea clubs themselves are likely to vary in style, flexibility, focus, and price point. It's important to research what tea club features are most important to you:

  • Price. What is the subscription cost and will you need to pay for shipping? Does the club offer any discounts or membership-only exclusives?
  • Duration. What length of plan best suits your needs? Are you confident in the product your purchasing? Are you simply hoping to test it out? Can you cancel any time?
  • Flexibility. Are there different subscription categories? Can you choose your tea types, or amount of tea delivered?
  • Selection. What comes in each shipment? Is it the same style of tea each time? Is the shipment based off your indicated preferences? Do a panel of taste-testers decide what's in your delivery box? has reviewed and ranked the best Tea Clubs available today. We hope these reviews help you find the right Tea Club membership to suit your needs!

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